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Karmic payback

We may never get to see George Lucas beaten up for Jar Jar Binks, midi-chlorians, or pretty much everything about the Star Wars prequels in general. Except Darth Maul. He fucking rocked. But as far as consolation prizes go, knowing that Lucas’ daughter just got wasted in an MMA fight this past weekend ain’t too shabby:

The force was strong in Amanda Lucas last night, but not quite strong enough.

George Lucas’s daughter was having her debut fight against Kiwi kick-boxing champion Nicole Kavanah, but the American Princess of Pain team member was ruled out in the third round.

By being ruled out, they mean the ref stepped in and stopped the fight halfway through the third round. While most media outlets are running with the “Amanda was a gutsy trooper” angle, some who were there are taking a different view on the fight:

Utterly disgusted with the Princess of Pain show. First time in my life I have ever witnessed a fight where I wanted to walk out. Amanda Lucas’s fight was a total mismatch and she got badly beaten. To give Amanda her dues she kept coming back for more, but the ref or her corner should have stopped the fight after the first round. No sense in letting her get hurt like that as it was obvious the fight was a total mismatch.

  • Dangerfield

    Shoulda used the force. Or the force was not strong with her. Does she train with Yoda?

  • clint notestine

    She kinda looks like Yoda or maybe Vader sans helmet in that pic.

  • garth

    it sucks when a ref just lets someone get beat mercilessly.

  • Asa

    Garth wins.

  • Denton

    That’s one tough Jew broad.

  • Donk

    By the look of her I think Mrs Lucas had an affair with Chewbacca

  • Jersey Tomato

    The report says Amanda does not plan to give up her MMA quest.

    Expect at least another five shitty sequels before she calls it quits.

  • dignan

    I’m not gonna put down some rich princess who chooses to get her ass beat by someone she KNEW would beat her ass.

    Good for her.

    I am serious when I say, George should be proud.

  • occmsrazr

    haha wow, cheers to her for bein’ fully ballin’ and still stepping up and getting her ass beat. i guess there is more to life than jack. when you have jack, that is.