Kaufman’s got some moves

Here’s a picture of Josh Barnett-trained Ginele Marquez in the process of getting smashed in by Canada’s Sarah Kaufman at last weekend’s HCF show. The casual inclusion of female fighters in middle-sized promotions across North America is a positive sign for the sport in general. To see more pictures, go to MMA Ring Report.

  • kentyman

    If her legs weren’t purple, that would be pretty hot.

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    I like purple legs and I cannot lie…

  • Matt

    Catch Wrestling rules.

  • http://fiveouncesofpain.com/ Matt

    that canadian chick needs a tan…

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    What’s a “tan”?

  • kentyman

    It’s when your legs don’t look like they’re stored in a jar of formaldehyde.

  • Jordan Breen

    Kaufman has serious, serious game.

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