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Keith Jardine Techno Viking petition

This is perhaps the most important petition ever started on the internet.

We want Keith Jardine to perform TechnoViking as his entrace to the octagon. We agree, that if he does this, it would:

a) Raise his stock 5000% b) Make all girls want to marry him 500 times c) Make all men feel insecure in his presence d) Make the name “Jardine” a holy name, which thou shalt not take in vain, lest the Dean smite thee e) Make Goldy wonder what’s going on f) Make his opponent intimidated, by sheer awe of his entrance

For those of you who didn’t know, the above video is the ‘Techno Viking’ video in all it’s glory. I would die with glee if Jardine ever had the sense of humor to come into a fight a la Techno Viking. Oh, and don’t worry … this video is no ‘2 girls 1 cup’.

  • Royal B.

    You’re missing a huge chunk dude.

    Heil Technoviking!!!

  • fightlinker

    Technoviking video UPDATED! Thanks Royal B

  • stellar53

    That would be stellar if Jardine entered with that music….

  • EdenMachine

    ROFL – that’s funny shit!

  • Toxie

    Unfortunately Jardine has no sense of humor.

  • Xavier

    I swore I’d never sign an internet petition, but that one is just too justified and righteous in all ways.

  • Ted Dibiase

    that guy has to be related to jardine. id put money on it

  • fightfan

    Everyone, please save the time and dont tell me how dumb I am, just explain what the hell this is? And who the hell that Jardine look alike is?

  • Erin

    I support this initiative 100%.

  • Royal B.

    it was part of the “lust parade”in Bremen, Germany. It was a protest party of the corperate “Love parade” they put out every year.

    Technoviking is just some kickass random bystandard

  • Mr.ThePlague

    I’m on board for this. MAKE IT SO!

  • hbdale309

    That would be killer if he came out to the Techno Viking song and then went on to win his fight by submission – “chin to eye”.

  • fightfan

    If Jardine has a identical twin, I think that we have found him! Thta dude looks so much like Jardine. Take away the little bit of hair, keeping the goat, and he looks identical to Keith!

  • ajadoniz

    I am TTT’ing and signing all the petitions to have Mr. Jardine do this. I will buy some of his merch only if he fully incorporates the viking part into his persona. DO IT! DO IT! I DARE YOU!

  • Jonathan

    Technoviking All Your Base!

  • Ason

    This is the kind of man Melvin Costa wishes he could be. Put up the Screwdriver records and listen to some techno bitch.

  • Mobb Deep

    If the petition does not work, I’m willing to take up arms and train with guerrillas in the jungles of Boliva in order to make this happen. We will overthrow the UFC regime and thier evil leader, El Presidente White, and force Jardine perform like TechnoViking for our amusement. Whos with me. Vive La TechnoViking.

  • igorpunck

    Keith’s long lost twin brother came back.
    Now UFC can throw freak shows like
    Technoviking Vs Jardine
    Matt Hughes VS Mark Hughes
    Lil Nog Vs Big Nog

  • operator

    It is possible that he would have to train for this though. Who knows if the techno viking would be willing to teach jardine his techno dancing skills for the cause. Maybe keith could teach him how to fight for some dance lessons.

  • Frizz

    Seriously Linker!

    That was some funny shit. If Keith Jardine had the balls and the sense of humor to actually do it….. I might become a fan of his. But, since Keith has the personality of a tumor…. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Wu Tang

    I prefer this over 2 girls and one cup.. I just watched that 2 girls and 1 cup this morning with a morning wood… Then after 4 seconds of that clip, that wood on went ‘bye bye.’ I could not bear watching the rest… So if i have the urge to play with my man thingy, ill just think of that clip and no more horniness…

    Love this clip with Pubic hair Dean look alike dancing!! At first i thought, OMG IT IS HIM!! Then realized that Mean Dean is the type to only fight like a monkey rather dance like one, all hopes of him went down. Dreams… Dean, BE LIKE VIKING DANCE LIKE HIM, YOUR FIGHTS ARE SIMILAR TO HIS DANCE!!!

  • Alexander

    Sorry that question isn’t for this thiem. When will next UFC?? (Date,month)

  • fightlinker

    November 17th, New Joooisey.

  • Mike O
  • Thomas aka ???

    Speaking of New Joooisey that Matt Serra skit from the opening of the latest LOW BLOW was HIlllarious!!!!!!!!!!

  • fightlinker


  • kentyman

    Oh yeah, thanks for fulfilling my request for a Matt Serra impression.

  • el feo

    holy shit, they’ve got a ‘lust’ parade now. If I was 21 again right now I’d spend about 6 months in Europe. Too bad my American money wouldn’t be worth shit.

    oh yeah, Jardine would be the greatest of all time if he actually did this.

  • Alexander

    Big Thanks fightlinker

  • MMA Extreme

    Signed! This video is awesome, Keith Jardine must oblige his fans!

  • FaceFisted

    /sign…This must happen or the troll will awaken and destroy our lands.
    Keith “the dean of mean” Jardine AKA TechnoViking

  • Eric Layne


  • Roger Rabbit

    All Hail Techno Jarding

  • 12PACk

    My name is 12PACK, and I support this petition.

  • david

    sign me up!

  • Shawn Matthew

    I support TV and Keith Jardine! Long live the Techno Viking!

  • Jimbo

    Make it happen,,, maybe we can email Dana with 10k signatures or somthing.

  • Noob

    My name is Noob and I endorse this petition. :)

  • Mike B


  • Mikey bones

    Techno Jardine FTW

  • BigDaveyB

    TECHNO JARDINE would rock!!

  • Skinwand

    Yea and someone came and handed him an upside down bottle of water as well..heh

  • TinLizzy

    How incredibly funny !!! I love this video.

  • Fatal Rose

    PLEASE JARDINE!!!! Do this!