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Ken Pavia is still around

The last we heard from Ken Pavia, he was being sued alongside Bellator by the UFC for ‘theft of trade secrets’ – basically he sent Bellator some documents that the UFC considers its property, and you know Zuffa was waiting for an opportunity to share it’s legal love with the latest promotion on the block. So what’s happening with all that? Is Ken on the Zuffa shitlist? Via CagePotato:

As far as the legal battle he is going through with Zuffa, Pavia is confident that the suit, which was spurred on by an ex-employee who he says fabricated much of the story as revenge for being let go by the company, will be resolved and his name will be cleared. He says he is dealing daily with the irreparable damage to his reputation that the allegations against him has done, including clients that have severed ties as a result, but he says that one of his longtime and favorite clients has helped him see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Phil Baroni always puts things into perspective and I don’t think people give him enough credit for how smart he is. He told me that there are two types of people in the world, there are fighters and there are those who roll over and let people walk all over them. He said, ‘You’re a fighter and that’s why you’re my agent.’ Based on my personality, I draw the ire of people and based on my standing in the sport – because I have a lot of guys in the UFC – I have a target on my back from the competition,” Pavia explains. “I don’t fly under the radar; that’s not my style. As a result I think that I’ve taken a lot of shots.”

Although he feels that the outcome of the lawsuit, if it ever actually makes it to trial, will resolve in his favor, Pavia understands the UFC’s point of view on being protective of their brand and says that lines of communication with the promotion remain open. He says that contrary to popular belief, the situation has not affected any of his clients under contract with Zuffa and that they are in contact with his office on an almost daily basis. He remains tight-lipped on the details of the lawsuit as he has from day one, but what Pavia would say is that what actually went down and what is being alleged happened are distinctly disparate.

It’s just good news for Ken and Anthony Johnson / Dennis Hallman / John Hathaway / Martin Kampmann / Mike Pierce / Ben Saunders / Phil Baroni / Karlos Vemola that the UFC didn’t just sever ties with the entire agency the same way they tried with AKA over video game right. This isn’t the first time that the Pav has pissed off UFC brass – he was also the ‘coward faggot’ anonymous source in Dana White’s famous Loretta Hunt rant.

  • Reverend Clint

    Anybody named the “Pav” is 90% homosexual right from the get go.

    Seems like anybody who crosses the upper echelons of the UFC is a “faggot”

  • chim55

    wow, so he says Phil Baroni is clever?


    Ken Pavia is a douchebag of epic proportions. LOL at him saying the lawsuit is damaging his reputation. That’s like getting mad because a turd smells.

    You guys ever listen to the Joe Riggs interview on TapouT Radio? Give it a listen, you’ll be entertained.

    The interview took place back in June 2009 and Riggs tells how Pavia rips fighters off, hires hookers, steal fighters from other camps/managers, was stalking Riggs and other entertaining behind the scenes details. Shit is pretty funny.

    Here it is:

    The Pavia bashing starts at the 15:55 mark.


    More Pavia rapeage in this thread on the UG by Mike Ciesnolevicz titled “Pavia screwed me”.

    Jason Miller and others jump in and share their “Pavia screwed me” stories as well.

  • subo

    Good on you, Short Bus – lots of fans hate people like the Pav without knowing why. Resources iz fun.

  • Simco

    Why is hiring hookers included in that list?

  • iamphoenix

    ^a list without hookers is never complete.