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Ken Shamrock: Never competitive, always entertaining

Ken Shamrock has been thrown under the bus by Zuffa management so much over the past few years that many people have forgotten how damned entertaining he is. There’s a reason he’s still famous, and it isn’t because he’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”. While on a binge drinking relapse I browsed onto the Sherdog forums and found these two oldies but goodies.

  • intenso

    Shamrock has been thrown under the bus by Zuffa? If by that you mean that the UFC has propped up his career even though he hasn’t been competitive in a very long time.

  • fightlinker

    You’re crazy man … the only gimme he’s gotten from the UFC was with Kimo. Past that they put him against Rich Franklin, and then Tito Ortiz over and over. Matt Lindland even talked about discussions with management where they basically said Shamrock was the guy they were using to get fighters over.

  • Matt

    Nobody can wear a purple robe like Shamrock. The robe should be in the UFC hall of fame, not Shammy.

  • Mike O
  • intenso

    oh poor Ken, they put him in main events and paid him shitloads of money and put them on their reality show.

  • intenso

    put *him on their reality show, that is.

  • Jonathan

    Who knew that Heath Herring was the great negotiator and peace broker in all of this? I had no idea.

    Too bad he stinks.

  • Steve-O

    Kenny Slamcock doesnt have anymore gas in his tank leave him be.. haha