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Ken Shamrock wants Royce Gracie

There’s not a lot of potential matches left for Ken Shamrock that interest me, although a third fight with Royce Gracie certainly does. I’m not the only one … both Gracie and Shamrock have expressed interest although Ken claims Royce is ducking him:

Ken Shamrock: The second time I beat him in every aspect of the fight; in fact his corner had to carry him out. Fans have been calling for a rematch ever since. After this particular fight Royce left the UFC. As a matter of fact I ran the entire Gracie family out of the UFC. His talk is cheap. Let’s settle it in the cage. I heard Royce agree to a rematch three times now, every time he has come up with a reason not to fight me. Royce and my brother Frank should get together and write a book about how to set up fights and not fight.

Sure, the second fight between Royce and Ken was a snoozer, but that was back when MMA was stone age shit. Jiu jitsu guys just closed their guard and their opponents weren’t willing or able to pass it. A third fight between these guys would be a good indicator to see who’s game has improved over the years. Sure, neither of them are capable of keeping up with the kiddies any more, but it’d be fun to see the two of them go at it one more time. Do it in Japan with extended rounds. It’d be shweet.

  • pauli

    those two are both on the list of people i never want to see fight again.

  • Jemaleddin

    Let’s hope they do it in Japan where they can both keep doing the steroids.

  • Omomatta

    Come on! That fight would be great. Dana could get some great sponsorship from Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Metamucil, Gold Kit…….big dollars for the UFC.

  • Hywel Teague [FO Magazine]

    it’d have to be Japan, no one else would make that fight

  • dignan

    Remember when Ken got pulverized by Tito?
    Remember when Royce got pulverized by Matt Hughes?
    Who gives a fuck what he has to say.

  • Mike_N

    No one else is just a little curious? Come on…really?

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Shamrock would still find a way to get knocked out.

  • Burtonchik

    i call this the battle of the sleeping dogs lying

  • koolpaw

    “Do it in Japan with extended rounds. It’d be shweet.”

    with Gi

  • Jmas

    Is it just me or is Ken become more a more belligerent in his old age. And what the hell is he taking about he never beat Gracie, he is 0-1-1. Ken give it up, ur were a great fighter, its time to retire. Nobody want to see you talk shit then get ur ass beat again. Ken shamrock 20 years from now it goin to be in a retirement tring to fight everybody because he is have flash back of old UFC fights

  • Johnny

    MMA needs a masters league for its aging castoffs. Ken and Royce have still got some entertaining fights left in them. And maybe Tito can make a comeback when he hits his golden years.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    I’d leave the masters BS to YAMMA.

  • Mack

    No one in the US would sanction that. Royce is like 180 and Ken is over 205.

  • Steve

    “No one in the US would sanction that. Royce is like 180 and Ken is over 205.”


    Royce weighed in at 188 pounds for Dynamite USA. That gets him over the minimum weight for LHW class. I don’t think any athletic commission would have a problem sanctioning the fight because of weight discrepancies.

  • Jemaleddin

    I’ve been “correcting” casual fans by telling them that it’s “Kent” Shamrock, just to fuck up his legacy.

  • RoB

    i just tell casual fans he is that guy from the wwf

  • kentyman

    Oh goddamn you, Jemaleddin! ;)

  • Hywel Teague [FO Magazine]


    Royce was also juiced up, hence being 188lb

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Your definition of “shweet” is different than mine.

    I think we need a fightlinker to english dictionary.

  • crs

    I’d rather watch Starnes vs. Machida run from each other for 15 minutes than I want to see one old man lay on top of another old man. I’m sure DREAM would sign this shit, but I’ll avoid it like the plague.

  • Joon4s

    Starnes vs. Machida, that would be even more awesome!

  • P W

    There is absolutely NO way that a fight between these two has-beens would be even slightly entertaining to watch.

  • garth

    a few months back i would have said “yeah, that would be cool”, but after watching taktarov and mark kerr, i say please jeebus no.

  • fightlinker

    Well, you can’t put a blanket statement on older fighters fighting because of guys like Mark Kerr … dude looks like he hasn’t hit the gym in months.

    Look at guys like Dan Severn, who’s still going strong and was on a 9 fight winning streak until he just lost his last fight.

  • Johnny

    crs: Like ‘em young, eh?

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Royce will want no time limit rule

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Damn, Imagine Machida with no timelimit?
    Lyoto is elusive

  • Hammer

    If this happens they should just make a senior tour like the PGA. Geritol does MMA… Oh and throw in a little HGH..