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Kendall Grove shows off some epic staph

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Staph infections. They’re so gross we shouldn’t look at them, but for some reason we just can’t help ourselves. This video is possibly one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen: Kendall Grove pulling a footlong chunk of flesh out of an arm-hole. Arm-hole? Yes, arm-hole. Obviously one should not have an arm-hole, and I’d also think one should not be sitting around on a lazy Sunday pulling strips of flesh out of a wound like this. But it’s not my arm and I like gross videos like this, so kudos to you Kendall!

(via MiddleEasy)

  • Armando

    Bro, to all that want to talk about gas out HAVE YOU EVER STEPPED IN THE CAGE? IM TALKING ABOUT AN ACTUAL MMA FIGHT NOT JUST TRAINING AT A GYM! If you have ever fought you know the aniexty/pressure it is, but can you imagine it in the big show (UFC) especially being from HAWAII, the pressure alone would gas anyone, I dont care how much cardio you do all that WHILE TAKING AND THROWING PUNCHES, DEFENDING/SHOOTING TAKEDOWNS, SUBMISSIONS ETC! For all that wanna talk and never actually done it, in case no one ever told you, it is alot harder than it looks on tv or youtube! WAKE UP AND HAVE SOME RESPECT!

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