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Kenny Florian adds fuel to GSP / Silva fire

Kenny Florian adds fuel to GSP / Silva fire

There’s a decent amount of debate that goes on regarding how in the know everyone at UFC Tonight is. Some think the show operates as its own journalistic endeavor while others believe it is spoon fed every bit of messaging and scrap of news directly by the UFC. Depending on which way you think things roll, this comment from Kenny Florian regarding the non-announcement of GSP vs Hendricks might make you go hmmm:

“I’m not sure he’s going to fight Johny Hendricks,” Florian said about the potential fight. “Because I think he’s waiting to see what’s going to happen with the whole Chris Weidman/Anderson Silva fight.”

You may remember some idiot on Fightlinker suggesting the exact same thing not two days ago. At the time I thought I was being pretty tinfoil, or at least naively optimistic that the GSP / Silva superfight is something that may still happen. But now Kenny’s words have me wondering if perhaps I’m not the only one who sees this fall as the last time the stars may align for this thing to happen.

  • agentsmith

    They’re supposedly dreaming of a super-card in October at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, headlined by a Jones-Silva superfight. Or maybe a Silva-GSP superfight, or maybe GSP and/or Jones and/or Silva do regular title defenses, or who knows what.

  • frickshun

    Who. Fucking. Cares. About this fight. Dumbass fans are so wrapped up in potential superfights that aren’t happening that they can never be satisfied w/the great fights we actually get!

  • Sam

    I think GSP should show he can beat an MW gatekeeper first. I can understand a guy getting a title shot immediately if he drops a weight class, but what’s the point of giving a title shot to some one immediately at a higher weight class?