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Kenny Florian, Heath Herring, and Jorge Rivera going to Afghanistan


Man, our troops are getting fucked. They’re driving around in unarmored humvees wearing inadequate body armor. And now we’re sending over a couple B-list UFC guys to try and cheer them up. This isn’t the only example of lame fighters no one cares about going to the middle east. Justin “Fat Mullet” McCully is also headed over with Tito Ortiz.

I gotta give credit where credit is due: these dudes are fucking hardcore going over there. My jew uncle tried to get me on a plane to Israel and I told him no fucking way was I going anywhere where the sand extends past a beach. There’s goddamn spiders the size of cats out there, not to mention a nation of really pissed off religious fanatics. You couldn’t pay me to go, although I suppose you could pay Jorge Rivera since the last time he fought in the UFC was March.

  • Mr. Chris

    What the fuck is that thing? Is that picture from the Middle east or from the movie Aliens?

  • Mike O

    note the sleeve in the picture – its not really as big as the guys leg

  • Mr. Chris

    I saw that. It wasn’t so much the size that scared me, although they are huge (there are two). It was their unearthly look.

  • Archivist

    Oh boy! I originally thought it was actually one “insect/thing” altogether but upon closer inspection it looks like the bottom “spider” is biting the upper “spider” ‘s back-end to the amusement of the bored servicemen. Still, they look like friggin nasty critters and i’ll have twenty insurgents attacking my reinforced position compared to finding one of those aliens in my sleeping bag…

  • fightlinker

    Here’s a camel spider eating a fucking lizard. Hardcore.

  • Mike O

    jesus fuck

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