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Perhaps the most glorious mustache in the history of mixed martial arts, and that’s saying a lot! Props to Kenny Florian for keeping it real.

  • Kalak

    I think Freddie Mercury would have been a monster in the octagon.

  • dignan

    I’ve always despised people who do the bunny ear thing.

  • Big D D

    that’s where mazzagatti’s mustache keeps going

  • John

    Dont forget the infamous mustache of Don Frye

  • falkofire

    thats something special right there.

  • Asa

    If he doesn’t fight with that he should be run out of MMA.

  • Josh Man

    Hey lady, I’m here to fix your cable.

  • twankydawg

    The return of Zoolander!

  • Matto

    That pales in comparison with Don Frye’s, which in turn pales in comparison with his master and keeper, Dan Severn’s. Every hair on Severn’s mustache represents an opponent he has mauled and/or eaten.

  • Wu Tang

    God that looks gay.. he looks like he belings on super troopers or something… Gay to the max!!!

  • Dru Down

    I wouldn’t say this about many ‘staches, but I honestly think that’s and improvement!

  • Higgz

    Super Troopers…that was a great movie!

  • fightfan

    Is that photoshop’d??? That cant be real!!! If so it is more pothetic than UFC ref Steve M’s pornstache

  • Amy

    Looks like a little Tom Selleck with some Just for Men painted on

  • Audacity

    And in this corner…Kenny “The Beast” Florian!

  • intenso

    That is glorious!!

  • Amy Robinson

    is that even real? its so crazy it looks fake.

  • andres

    Don fuckin frye bitch fuck kenny mister I think im so fuckin fly imma grow a mustache and go and say im better than roger and clay fuck that fucking mario and lugi ass baby son of a fuckin bitch fuck im fuckin pissed!florian
    I hope he fucking loses and just falls of the mma world

  • Erin

    That is unacceptable on so many levels…

  • ajadoniz

    Burt Reynolds.

  • MacDaddy

    unacceptably awesome!!

  • igorpunck


  • Matto

    It’s fake anyway. Totally lopsided.

  • frickshun

    Linker, you sure are attracting some jackasses in here. Florian is a stud. If that stachio is real, I LOVE IT. If I wasn’t a manager, I think I’d start growing mine right now.

  • Mike_N

    I’m going to have to call shenanigans here. There’s no way that Kenny could grow a ‘stache that magnificent in a little under two weeks.

  • P W

    Florian suddenly became 20 years older. And Hungarian. No, I don’t think so – there’s no way that… that THING is real.

  • scorchamatic

    that puts frye’s mustache to shame. the colour, girth, volume, etc…… that is one beautiful mustache right chere now. if there is a stache fight, i’m gonna go with ken flo by massive stache leg kick. that is a work of art.

  • dulljake

    anyone who does the bunny ears thing need to be punched in the mouth…

  • Cory O’Brien

    Breen would cream his pants if he saw that thing.

  • Cory O’Brien

    I did too.

  • Frank the Tank

    No guys, it’s real, I saw Kenflo outside my local elementary school, moustache twitching and everything.

  • Chuck

    its a-me, mariooo!

    who’s the guy on the left? i recognize him from somewhere

  • suspiria

    for a moment I thought it was the guy from gangs of New York.he should curl the edges.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Dan Severn is king of moustaches.

    That’s fake though, I think it’s some guy who just dislikes him and photoshopped it to make him look like Hitler.