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Key & Peele’s Ultimate Match Preview

Fake fight intros are a dime a dozen on the youtubes but this one here is by far the best. Half the Brazilians in the UFC are a step or two away from this. Diego Sanchez is right about there.

More Key & Peele here. Thanks to Matt Polly for the chicken soup for the MMA soul!

  • Reverend Clint

    that might be the funniest mma thing ive seen a while

  • CAP

  • G Funk

    These guys are comedians? My gaydar is bleeping…

  • Letibleu

    ha ha ha. i watched the video while doing something else and didnt read a thing under it until the breathing tube thing (by which time i was glued to see wtf was going on).

  • matthewpolly

    See I told you Ryan that this would lift your spirits. Key & Peele can be hit or miss, but this one had me loling.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The first 50-70% was hilarious.