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Kid Nate accepts my challenge!

(Kid Nate with his boyfriend … lets see if Roger sticks around after I claim those fuzzy caterpillars Nate calls eyebrows!)

Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong now, baby. Kid Nate has accepted my challenge – if Clay Guida beats Roger Huerta at the next Ultimate Fight Night, he’ll be shaving his eyebrows off. As for what Mr Nate wants from me, that hasn’t been decided yet. I’m so confident in my choice that I’m willing to give them Carte Blanche with their choice – whatever they decide, I’ll agree to.

So head on over to BloodyElbow and help them choose the worst/best possible bet ever … the readers over there aren’t as sick and twisted as we are so they need your help coming up with something really creative.

  • Darkie

    How long is Nate going to take to come up with your bet?

  • Wu Tang

    If FL looses, then Nate should demand you do an FighterLinker’s verion of ‘2 girls, 1 cup’ WHILE you are recording an episode of ‘low blow.’ Its either that or you can ‘soap’ a guy while he is showering while being recorded. So dont drop the soap!!


    Shit they really do need help, some fool suggested that you should be made to wear your shoes on the wrong feet :-0 WTF?

  • Tommy

    Well there you go fightlinker. If I win our bet you gotta shave your eyebrows off. Well at least one of them. What say you?

  • intenso

    I was really rooting for the grape photos.

  • matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Full de la hoya recreation

  • Mikey

    Yo what about your fight with Sam Caplan. I just heard about this on one of these other sites out there. It seems like your talk a big game…but can you walk the walk?

    Ryan I hope your not gonna Bitch Out!

  • MJC_123

    If you lose man (im posting here because im not signing up to nothing over at bloody elbow….) you should be forced to act ala Kyle in the imagination land episodes of south park recently.

    So if Nate has dry balls….step up to the plate.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Or a full Luke cummo diet for 2 weeks including piss drinking

  • Ted Dibiase

    gotta go with the grape photos. those pics will never die

  • marshal

    You must post only boxing for 2 months, therefore killing your blog.

  • Amy Robinson

    lol, how about the rights to your site? that’d be a damn interesting bet.

    I don’t know how much danger you’d really be in tho. Unless Clay stubs his toe on the way to the ring, or gets a bullshit eyelid cut like Vitor/Couture or something, but you seriously gotta consider all the posibilities.

  • fightlinker

    Hmmm, eyebrows for my website? If you wanna make the worth equivalent, Nate would have to put his balls on the chopping block

  • Amy Robinson

    I don’t know those brows are pretty fantasmic!

  • Big D D

    Did you really puss out vs Sam?

  • ajadoniz

    FL, this is not a good bet. Guida is good, but Huerta is a fucking mighty morphin power ranger, changing at a moments notice to become Ultrazord! it’ll be interesting to watch, either way. guida better cut his fucking hair tho, if you wanna win.

  • Tommy

    What about our bet Linker?

  • fightlinker

    I didn’t think we’d ever settled on terms … have you decided what you want if I lose?

  • Tommy

    I’d rather have one of your eyebrows then a nude of you. (though i’m sure your one sexy man, especially naked on your belly) Getting close so it’s time to settle up.

  • Mister Akme

    Shave your eyebrows…..ohhhh scary…..sheeeeet. Make him shave his pubes and wear them in place of his eyebrows. Otherwise he’s a puss for putting nothing on the line.

  • Thomas

    well I gave them a suggestion.

    If Huerta wins have Fightliner carry around a life sized card board cut out of Roger Huerta. Also he has to wear matching clothes with whatever Huerta is wearing from his cardboard likeness

  • fightlinker

    That’s worse than the ‘wearing shoes on the wrong feet’ idea

  • Kid Nate

    for the record, I never said I’d shave my eyebrows off — I said “I’ll remove the eyebrows you see in this pic” — if I shaved these wooly beasts they’d grow back like this guys.

  • RoB

    a bukaki facial. really seems to be the best solution.

  • kermit.01

    “for the record, I never said I’d shave my eyebrows off — I said “I’ll remove the eyebrows you see in this pic” — if I shaved these wooly beasts they’d grow back like this guys.”

    So he’s just gonna photo shop a pic– BOOOOO!! I say Eyebrows for a pic of Linker and Jake full mouth tongue kiss..

  • marshal

    We were making fun of those crazy Russian negotiations.