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Kid Vagina

Kid Nate still hasn’t gotten back to us about our Guida/Huerta bet. It’s okay if you don’t have the balls to play, Nate. Just let us know and we’ll see if there’s anyone else out there who’s stupid AND brave.


    What a Pussy, I’d take your bet but I think Guida’s gonna caveman the shit outa Huerta and also I cant help but worry about what sick shit you’d get up to with a grape clad picture of me :-0

  • Tommy

    What did you offer him? Nudes of you? It’s a no win bet. Good thing you trapped me before I knew your side of our bet.

  • Big D D

    Earth to Kid Nate, Wake up and say something. Don’t hide, fear nothing.

  • marshal

    My guess is, FL already has his grape photo and can’t figure out what to do with it.

  • fightlinker

    grape photo(s)

  • Kid Nate

    Traveling will respond tonight. Need better stakes from you FL — have no desire to see you doing the grapecrotch.

  • fightlinker

    Well there was grapes OR eyebrows. If you really thought your boy was gonna win then you wouldn’t be worried about the terms ;-) If you’ve got something less ballsy to offer, I’m willing to consider it

  • RT

    I just finished watching Huerta vs Wiman, and now think youd be stupid to pick Huerta over Guida, especially considering the way Guida has been fighting as of late…..

  • stellar53

    Ryan’ going to get his ass beat by Harkness……

    Kid Nate is a big, gaping vagina….I am boycotting his website until he reconsiders the offer….

  • stellar53

    Okay, I take back the gaping comment, Kid Nate has officially accepted the bet…….