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Kid Yamamoto goes Krazy

This has to be the lamest thing ever:

For some reason Japanese fighters always have the children on their minds, not just with Misaki mentioning them but Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto recently decided to change the name of his gym from Killer Bee to Krazy Bee in order to make it sound not so extreme for the children.

Okay, first off I just wanted to mention what an awesome name for a fight camp ‘Killer Bees’ was. The name summarized the agression and abandon that everyone loves about Kid, so it was very fitting. Plus, Killa B’s is all good with the Wu Tang, so it’s all good with me too.

But Krazy Bee? What the fuck is up with that? It’s not even a real fucking word. Adding K to words that start with C is one of cardinal sins of Baditude. Do that, and you’re obviously some 45 year old marketing exec who’s children hate him because he’s so fucking out of touch.

  • kentyman

    “Yo, they killed Killer, B!”

  • Atom

    Krazy with a ‘K’? Now thats phat.

  • Wu Tang

    OMG ITS KID YAMAMOTO!! Kid with Krazyness!!

  • RoB

    Im assuming the old white dude in the middle made the decision.

  • MacDaddy

    I think they should all get giant bumblebee stripes tattooed around their abdomens, then people would look at them and think “Now those are some *KRAZY* bees…”

  • Hywel Teague


  • Bruce Leroy

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me

  • Bruce Leroy

    I gotta Nickel Plated .380 at my old lady’s house. Suzie! throw the gun out the window! Suzie!

  • Bruce Leroy

    you acting like Big Willy, You acting a little silly

  • fightlinker

    drunk again, bruce?