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Kimbo quits boxing to return to the city of Japan

Ariel Helwani is a nice man. So nice that he’s pretty much the only person who treated Jared ‘$kala’ Shaw like a decent human being rather than a douchebag Jersey Shore reject who rode his daddy’s coat tails to pseudopower in EliteXC. So when word came that Kimbo Slice would be heading to Japan for some pro wrassling, Ariel was still able to call him and see what was up with TEAM KIMBO, Jared’s RamRod-esque squad that was set to unleash the Power of Slice upon the professional boxing world.

“[Slice left the boxing training camp] due to some various injuries and to go film The Scorpion King. Upon his return, he didn’t show me any interest in boxing, so we just decided for right now to put it to the side,” Shaw said.

“In boxing, in order to be amongst the best in the world, he was going to have to put in double the work he was accustomed to. Due to the wear and tear on his body, he wasn’t able to perform up to the standard we wanted him to.”

Shaw said he hasn’t talked to Slice since October. He was surprised to hear of Slice’s new gig, but added, “I think Kimbo Slice’s days as a fighter are close to an end.”

This isn’t much of a surprise. His time in the UFC revealed bum knees, arthritis, and a host of other health issues that are more common in retired fighters than guys starting their careers. Meanwhile, that kinda stuff is par for the course in pro wrestling. You can perform all the way to 65 or until your painkiller / steroid addiction causes your heart to explode inside your chest. Whatever comes first!

  • CAP

    Not to mention his commitment/work ethic was $hit.

  • Reverend Clint

    kimbo wants to be paid not work for his money

  • Blackula Jonez

    Not going to hate on Kimbo for being an old bouncer trying to be a professional athlete.

    Its not his fault that casual fans go retarded for big scary looking black heavyweights.

    Make that money kimbo, its no diff than a hot chick becoming a model/stripper/pornstar. Use what you got to get paid, its the American way.

  • Symbul

    It’s not as if he was ever going to become a serious boxer any more than an MMA fighter. Pro wrestling is what he was cut out for.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The only thing I hate on Kimbo for is going through EliteXC and STILL letting $iflyz take pictures with him.

  • lukustra

    thank. god. his ufc matches were brutal, I can only imagine how bad boxing would have been. kimbo will get paid regardless of what he does, so why even pretend youre going to put in the time and learn technique?