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King Mo compares Zuffa employment to slavery

I’ve got the perfect idea for King Mo’s pro wrestling character. He can pop out from under the ring during various promos to smash people with a steel chair while screaming “THAT’S RACIST!”

“Zuffa’s okay. They’re alright if you like working long days … in a hot field, asking, begging for water. But with Bellator, I’m in the A.C., sippin’ cold lemonade, gettin’ massages. It’s a big difference. You know, I think Zuffa has a lot of people, and they just look at fighters as numbers. It’s a business. They’re trying to make money. But I feel like Bellator, we’re a lot closer family, and the people are more personable.”

True, half the dudes in Strikeforce spent most of their time feeling like a less famous Ronda Rousey sitting by the phone waiting for her beau to call, even after Zuffa took over. But comparing working for them to slavery? Really? He barely worked for Zuffa at all and flamed out the way he did and they’re the jerks? Sure man. Can’t wait to see how you hang in the TNA lockerroom.

Speaking of TNA, what’s the plan there? Head-honchette Dixie Carter:

“It’ll be TNA first. He won’t join Bellator until they go on Spike in 2013. But the most important thing is his health. Once he’s healthy, then we’ll make a decision on when he debuts with us. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than later, but the key thing is to get him healthy. It’s all about his health though. We want to introduce him the right way, and I think today’s been a great start, tonight and everything else, we’re really excited.”

Mo had knee surgery in February that led to a battle with life threatening staph, which makes it a bit complicated figuring out how long until he’ll be ready to step into the wrasslin ring. I’m sure he’ll stay in the news until then, though, talking about how everyone screwed him over and how he could totally beat Jon Jones.

  • Reverend Clint

    with TNA he can take all the roids he wants plus bellator probably can make his fights happen in states where they dont have testing.

  • iamphoenix

    this is stupid.

  • greenseed

    funny how Momo and Rampage hate eachother so much when theyre so alike


    Always a great idea to burn bridges.

  • Symbul

    Just hope I don’t have to keep hearing about TNA now.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Don’t most pro wrestlers have ridiculous work schedules, to the point of destroyed bodies?

  • subo

    He’s a fucking idiot.  Check his Twitter for verification.

  • DJ ThunderElbows


  • subo

    I’ve been going to war on this. @fightlinkersubo

  • TheColonConspirator

    Some Black friends will compare KFC to slavery.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT take any responsibility.

    (Although in this situation, zuffa IS the aggressor!)

  • frickshun

    Quick!! Everyone follow Subo on Twitt…..BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHa. Nobody is reading your shit, fatty.

  • Caique

    He got his ass beat so bad by Eddie Alvarez I believe he may be caioemplttnng retirement and being in C class movies. I really hope he doesn’t though , I always enjoyed watching him fight he was what it takes to go on a tear and get back into the UFC .Something mentally brokedown for him he was in the title picture 20-1-1 with a lot of finishes and then .just lost his last 4 out of 5 to lesser competition than he beat somewhat.

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