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King Mo Holds Nothing Back When Talking About Bjorn Rebney

scott coker

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal doesn’t speak very highly of his time working with Bjorn Rebney.

Lawal, a former Strikeforce champion, lashed out against Rebney following his loss earlier this year to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. While things settled down during the post-fight press conference, Lawal jumped at the chance to fire off comments against the former Bellator president during an interview with MMA Fighting.

Rebney was replaced by Scott Coker, who Lawal worked with at Strikeforce.

“I personally think he’s an (expletive),” Lawal said. “If I had a chance to see him, I’d put them hands on him. He’s deceptive, fake.

“He flew me out to that meeting. It was just a bunch of bull he was spitting me. He’s a liar. He can’t make eye contact with me. He’s a liar. When it came down to it, he’s out of touch with MMA as a whole.”

Rebney helped build a base for Bellator through the use of tournaments, crowning champions and contenders. That, though, sometimes left the promotion without the ability to reward immediate rematches. Ben Askren, Hector Lombard and others left Bellator as champions in their respective weight classes, while a lengthy legal battle was engaged with lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

“No one respected him,” Lawal said. “They thought he was a good businessman, but when it came down to it, he was out of tune, out of touch with the MMA media, crowd, audience, everything.

“Everybody in Bellator and Viacom, they’re cool as hell. I’ll bleed for them. But Bjorn is shady. No one got a good vibe from him.”

  • robthom

    I love Mo, he seems like an honest fellow.
    Which goes a long way with me.

    But everytime I read an interview with him, its a stream of high school level jibber jabber.
    I know that he’s making a point, and that its probably a decent point that he has a right to feel strongly about.
    And I probably agree with him.

    But the language,
    its like verbal crayon.
    How does that happen?