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King Mo lives in a more inclusive world where everyone can be a bitch

King Mo doesn’t get why he’s so darned misunderstood:

Why you so offended?  I spoke my mind, Twitter, Facebook – it’s there for us and I feel like they were trying to twist my words.  Granted I shouldn’t have called her a bitch but I call everybody a bitch in twitter.  This aint the 80s where bitch was just meant for women, this is the 2000s now people say bitch for men, women, transgender, whatever you want to be – you can be a bitch.  They tried to twist my words like this is some 1980s NWA rap song – like, I called her a bitch and a hoe and try to make it seem like that’s what I meant.  That’s not what I meant and they fired me on the spot and released me.

Yeah, all that stuff about calling a female commissioner a bitch, comparing Zuffa employment to slavery, and calling the fans sheep and groupies … nothing wrong with that at all. It’s the jerks twisting those words around to make Mo seem like a douchebag that are the real problem.


  • TheHineyHappening

    Some people belong in their own neighborhood!

    Where their strengths apply!

    That is the basic falsehood of the liberal agenda!

    Its not racist, its were people belong!

  • Angel Ferren

    Hello! My mate has told me to read your blog post. And I’d like to say that I really esteem what you’re writing here.

  • TheHineyHappening

    I hate to push so far…

    But tell me about, when you not belonged!

    I defy you!

  • TheHineyHappening

    I’m very enthusiastic for Mo to achieve his rasslin goal!

    To deny that to a black person, is very racist!

  • Giallo

  • Giallo

    Sir, do it post less coherently being retarded. no racism intended.

  • iamphoenix

    all three except for the fat one

  • vecuccio

    Mo is determined to set the cause of black people everywhere back 20 years. Who’s he trying to appeal to ? The sad cases who understand his language are not the kind of people who can afford pay per view.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    When are they going to let us all have the N word?

  • Blackula Jonez

    Heisphoenix – Ah you noticed her too, good eye.

    Mr.McCully – Why would anybody give away a word that you and those like you can say and if said by the wrong person you get a legit “I get to punch you in the face” reason?
    A word only has the power that the receiver gives it.

  • frickshun

    The outfit he’s rocking in that pic is something special. Those orange shorts are sponsored by Sunkist & Fightlinker.