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King Mo says he retired Mark Kerr, along with other musings from one of MMA’s most intriguing personalities

If you’re not a fan of King Mo, you should be. If you are and you just can’t find him lately, well that’s the direct result of how gnarly he is. He got cut from Strikeforce for calling a female member of the Nevada State Athletic Commission a “racist bitch.” Now he’s signed to Bellator where he’ll enter the next light-heavyweight tournament to face off against the top fighters in the world in the hope of securing a title shot against a guy named Christian M’Pumbu, who actually lost his last fight but retains his title because of Bellator’s weird tourney format. Oh and he’s also gonna be doing him some professional wrestling as well.

The reasons to be a devoted follower are endless: he passionately hates MMA fans, MMA media (and really who doesn’t hate those opinionated pricks), all things Zuffa, and doesn’t give a good fuck what you or anyone else thinks about it. Plus he calls himself “King,” and to do that one need be either a fairly arrogant person or a member of the Latin Kings. Either way, along with his no-holds-barred style of speaking, it makes him a person of interest.

In a pretty awesome interview with BloodyElbow, the King touches on several interesting topics: MMA groupie shit, his disdain for The Ultimate Fighter, Ronda Rousey, and how his teammate, Daniel Cormier will retire Frank Mir. He then goes on to say how he retired Mark Kerr:

“Me and Daniel used to place bets on who could retire more people [laughs]. Right now, I’m up one, because I believe I retired Mark Kerr. Daniel will tie it up after this fight with Frank Mir.”

I hate to be the one to piss on a guy’s parade, but really, Mark Kerr? Kerr was 40 when they fought. He had dropped his last four, and 10 of his last 12. His past addiction to opiates was well documented, and any athletic commission that allowed him to step foot inside a cage post 2001 should be in prison. Did King Mo retire Mark Kerr? Technically, yes. Is that a feat to boast of? In 2000, shit yeah, Kerr was unstoppable. In 2009? Mo should be ashamed of himself for even bringing it up.

  • Boog

    King Mo is a tool.

    That is all.

  • Steve

    Mo(doesn’t deserve to me called King) is one of the biggest jokes out there and should be ignored. Even writing about him is embarrassing to the sport of MMA.

  • Reverend Clint

    why is he surrounded by trannies and Mayhem Miller?

  • randlemansvertical

    irrelevant nigger is irrelevant


    Hard living and a long road retired Mark Kerr, not some clown who came along at the end of his career.

  • jackalmiller

    TONY- Been meaning to tell you for awhile, but I enjoy reading your stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping this website alive with your post.
    Before to long, Mo will have everybody pissed off and wont be fighting for anybody. Kerr was 40 years when he had a sad ending, I bet Mos ending will be a much bigger downward spiral. But with one difference, nobody will give a shit when he goes dick first in the dirt.

  • Reverend Clint

    can schmo and jones fight to the death

  •!/JHScramble Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    King Mo is a piece of shit who needs to shut his ass up. This guy is not an intriguing personality, he’s just a douche.

  • kvelertak

    i hope he is fucking all those bitches

  • Reverend Clint

    … and got AIDS

  • Letibleu

    My main concern was the nature of royalty. In religious contexts we talk about “King” and “Lord” but those political realities are lost to history: all that survives are pomp and circumstance. It’s hard to fill out the meaning of “The King”, “The Lord” and “the kingdom of God” if “king” is a vague concept.

    It clearly wasn’t for those who cheered Jesus into Jerusalem. Nor was it for Jesus. It sure as fuck isn’t Mo.

  • iamphoenix

    since when did honda housey fight mark kerr? WTF!

  • Shibo

    Thanks, I needed another reason to hate Mo. Loved Kerr back in the day. Apparently Mo never saw The Smashing Machine or he’d have known that Kerr was not even close to the fighter he used to be.

  • Reverend Clint

    mo lacks critical thinks skills

  • Blackula Jonez

    The only thing more melancholic than the Smashing Machine documentary is the Mo/Kerr fight.

    Also props to HeisPhoenix for his “Honda Housey” trolling and Ryan Fightlinker must be a hit with the ladies with reality bending rhetoric like “Did he retire Kerr, technically yes. BUT….?

  • Blackula Jonez

    Also is it safe to say that Matt Lindland is so ugly every picture with him in it = him photobombing it.

    “The Law – Here is me and the kids at the park.

    Person Guy – Who the fuck is that albino mutant

    The Law – *sigh*…That’s me”

  • glassjawsh

    lol lindland. if he wasn’t an olympic silver medalist (and a filthy republican) id pity him

    somebody should make a compilation of accidental matt the law photobombs

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