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KJ Noons will fight anyone. Except Paul Daley

After being given an early Christmas present in the form of Scott Smith’s easily punchable jaw, Paul Daley called out KJ Noons. Not a bad choice, considering he’s one of the few guys left in Strikeforce that’s probably dumb enough to stand with Daley. KJ is still recovering from a broken hand from his losing effort against Nick Diaz, but he heard the call and had these frustrating contradictory statements to share:

“Of course it would be exciting to watch me knockout Paul Daley. Everybody would want to see that, but the thing is nobody wants to see Paul Daley. He’s like the black eye of MMA, this guy’s the leftovers of the UFC. I’m surprised Strikeforce even picked him up. He’s trying to make his name so of course he’s going to call somebody out that beat Nick Diaz. That’s how he’s trying to get his name out there.”

So everyone would love to see KJ Noons vs Paul Daley but no one wants to see Paul Daley. Does he think most fans just want him trotted into the cage every event so they can marvel at his magnificent hair? It normally takes two to tango but when you’ve got an ego like KJ’s, who needs a dancing partner? Still, one would imagine with smack talk like this, there’s some desire for a fight. Right? Right??? Silly fight fan. This is Strikeforce. OF COURSE NOONS REFUSES TO FIGHT DALEY.

“I’m going to lightweight for sure, I only came up for the Nick Diaz fight. Besides that I’ve got the rubber match already for Nick Diaz, so I’ve got the shot at Nick whenever we do that shot again, to fight Daley that’s almost like a step down,” said Noons. “I already have a fight with the top guy at 170 so why the hell would I take a fight with Paul Daley? Besides that, I’ll fight anybody Strikeforce tells me to fight. Whether it’s 155, whether it’s 170, or whether it’s 250 pounds, that’s my job to fight whoever they tell me to fight.”

Jesus, KJ. I know you get punched in the head a lot but try to keep things straight across multiple sentences. People want to see you fight Paul Daley but no one wants to see Paul Daley. You only came up in weight for the Diaz fight, but you’ll fight someone at 250 pounds. It don’t matter who Strikeforce tells you to fight … except if it’s Paul Daley. It seems like half the roster has one or two guys they just simply refuse to face and as luck would have it, these are usually the only fights people want to see.

  • Reverend Clint

    How come Diaz will fight a 155 lb fighter but wont fight a 185 lb fighter… cant he extend the same courtesy?

    i think KJ has been hitting the ICE braw

  • FiveBoltMain

    Clint, how dare you insult the 209 God. The 209 crew is going to gang rape you and dump your body behind the KFC dumpster.

    KJ is a dumbass. He has been inhaling too much hairspray.

  • SST

    A conversation with KJ and Toney would be very painful to listen to.

  • pewnt

    Look the lighter weights are learning from Strikeforce HW’s…..

  • Symbul

    If only he’d kept to “Going back to lightweight.” and left the stupid posturing alone.

  • agentsmith

    This guy needs his own Axe commercial.

  • glassjawsh

    he should find a job somewhere that pays him to be an insufferable prick because he’s much better at that than he is at fighting

  • kwagnuth

    I’m the guy who beat Nick Diaz HELLOOOO.

  • iamphoenix

    I thought that was a transcript of his standup comedy routine…I thought it was funny until I found out that KJ Noons is actually really a fighter, and doesn’t have a special on Comedy Central…

  • frickshun

    Status update: my cat is currently attacking her tail.

  • Komodo


  • agentsmith

    That picture makes me want to watch “Knight Rider” for some reason. Almost.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    @Agent Smith – I peeped the first season last year on a whim – it’s even worse than I remembered it from my childhood. The first episode is worth for the hilarity tho. His origin is soooooo terrible.

  • frickshun

    ******KITT, I need ya buddy!!******


    Daley a step down, really? KJ, don’t be scared homey.