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Knee injury to blame for meh Rampage performance

Aside from the 5 seconds of mega-slam, Rampage Jackson didn’t look very Rampagey at UFC 144 against Ryan Bader. What was the deal? This isn’t the first time he’s looked flat and unresponsive. But this time he has an excuse:

“I almost didn’t make it to the fight, but I didn’t want to pull out for the Japanese fans,” Jackson said. “I injured my knee pretty bad, and my doctor told me not to fight. But it wasn’t real serious. I didn’t need surgery or nothing, but he told me it wasn’t a good idea to fight. I decided to fight anyway.”

“I re-injured the knee when Bader slammed me,” Jackson said. “It was one of those things. I was worried about it. Before the slam, I wasn’t doing a really good job. I was worried about it, and I had to lose a lot of weight since I couldn’t really run and stuff. It was downhill from there.

“I hurt my knee, and I just wanted to put on an exciting fight, and I was just happy to make it here and try and put on a show for the Japanese fans.”

At this point I think most fans are all like “Why U No Punch People Hard in the Face, Rampage???” Knee-injured or not, Quinton has gone from an aggressive sh*tkicker to a passive boxer who likes to counterstrike. That passivity has nearly cost him in fights against Keith Jardine and Matt Hamill, and now he has a loss against the gatekeeper-level Bader. Jackson says he still wants to fight, but sometimes in the cage it doesn’t really look like it. Where’s the old Rampage? Oh, 2003, you say? That was a pretty long time ago.

(oh, it’s more Esther Lin photos, this time from her UFC 144 gallery)

  • iamphoenix

    he knocked out chuck in 07

  • CAP

    He’s really not bad he acted his way through the whole fight!

  • Blackula Jonez

    This knee thing has been bothering him on and off for a couple of fights now.

    Dude is a decade deep into the fight game, injuries and age catch up with all fighters eventually.

    It was a sad performance but you could tell something was up when he didn’t make weight, can you remember a time when he didn’t. For the Rashad fight he had to drop 50 some odd pounds and succeded.

    I have never been a Rampage fan but that slam did get me hyped, but it does seem that Quinton is falling off a bit, if he can successfully rehab the knee he may have a fight or two left in him. But he should call it a career before shit starts to look Chuck/Tito esque. Doubt he will get the parade of weak opposition that Handy got on his way out.

    Too many killers at 205 just waiting to make a name for themselves off a popular vet like Rampage to try that shit. Give him the loser of Lil Nog vs Gustafson or V-Mat and call it quits.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Also realized Rampage is now 0-3 against TUF champs lol.

  • frickshun

    Black–>the problem is that Rampage DOESN’T WANT those dudes. He wants the biggest names to “motivate” him. Biggest names=losses.

    I always say there are 2 guys I want sooooo badly to win spectaculary but keep falling short: Penn & Rampage.

  • Giallo

    I was so fucking disapointed he lost, thought that slam was gonna be the turning point in the match but noooooo.