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KOs, KOs, and more KOs!

Futurebeard and Cyrus Fees celebrate 100 episodes of Inside the Cage by featuring 100 knockouts from smaller events.

  • ButtHorn

    You cant KO that beard.

    A sledgehammer would only slow it down.

  • Reverend Clint

    most are tko’s… fail

  • Blackula Jonez

    Roflmao @ KO# 95 at the 2:20 mark. I like the hulk out before getting knocked out.

    Most of these are tko’s but some are pretty damn funny at least.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Also it is very hard to take seriously anything coming out of weirdbeards mouth.

    OMFG his name is Casey Oxendine. His surname sounds like a new drug made to combat low testosterone, herpes flare ups and hairloss.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I am going to post the best jokes about these guys (mainly reactions to beardface)

    1. what the fuck happened on that guy’s face? 
    2. Lost the fight with a lawn mower. 
    3. This video is good… with the exception of every time these two teddy boys speak. Seriously, go put that blazer back in your dad’s closet, and then borrow his beard clippers and do Casey “Utter Douche” Oxewhogivesafuck a favor and shave that cum-catcher off of his mug. 
    4. The number 40 wasnt a Ko. It was a win for Ovince St. Preux by unanimous decision against Benji Radach <—-not a joke but factually accurate.
    5. Douchebeard. 
    6. #27 and #24 are funny as shit but WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING OVER THE TOP 10 KNOCKOUTS!?!?? COMPLETELY KILLS ALL THE EXCITEMENT!!! dumbass decision guys. what were you thinking? 
    7. Seriously, stop talking over the top 10. “Here, listen to the sound from this uppercut” NO, WAIT, YOU CAN’T BECAUSE MY DUMB ASS IS STILL TALKING AND YOU CAN’T HEAR THE SOUND FROM THE CLIP. You guys need to spend more money on your production, and raise the quality of your shows. Also, please ditch the dude who trimmed his facial hair with a weed whacker, he brings absolutely nothing to the table. 
    8. That’s the ugliest fucking beard I have ever seen. 
    9. that is the dumbest, most pointless beard ever 
    10. Get a shave ffs! 
    11. These two hosts fucking annoy me… 
    12. Holy shit that beard is the ultimate douche style ever! 
    13. Its like his chin was stuck in a thrash shredder. 
    14. The only thing better than the knockouts is this guys beard. I want him to keep it just to read the funny shit people say about it. Its the joke that keeps on giving. <—-This is my personal addition.

  • subo

    Gotta love the Australian announcer. “That’s ROOOOIGHT”