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KOs of the night

There were only two finishes on the televised portion of last night’s UFC on FUEL event but they were pretty awesome: Marko Huntoru broke Stefan Struve’s jaw during yet another walk-away KO, and Wanderlei Silva took Brian Stann out in an epic gunslinging showdown. For that, both fighters received KOTN bonuses of 50k, but only Silva and Stann got FOTN as well. Other than those two fights, you can pretty much skip this event. Unless you want to see the worst decision of the year, but more on that later…

  • fightfan

    Gotta love Hunt’s walk away KO’s!! With that said……he may end up paying for that one of these times!

    He was so gassed by that point. Say he did that to Roy Nelson and walked away. 1.) Nelson probably doesn’t get stopped or KO’d. And 2.) probably gets up & finishes a tired & gassed Hunt.

    Just saying….Hunt has gotta make sure the fight is over. Hunt walked away from Struve. Dean didn’t stop that fight, Struve told Dean to because of his jaw. Otherwise, Hunt just gave his opponent a lot of time to recover. I’m not saying this is likely or will happen. But it is possible. So Hunt should make SURE the ref waves of fight b4 tuning his back and walking away

  • PhilMcKraken

    He probably felt Struve’s jaw cave in and saw the way his head hit the floor and just figured it was over. Look at it this way. Instead of jumping on him and potentially gassing out or getting caught in Struve’s guard, Hunt could let him back up on wobbly legs and knock him down again even if he recovered a bit.

    A lot of fighters don’t take advantage of the fact that they can dominate a dazed opponent on the feet instead of going to the ground to finish.

    Look at the last fight between Frank Mir and Big Nog. Mir was going in and out of conciousness when Nog was blasting him in the head from the sprawl. If Nog had stood back up, either the ref would have seen that Frank was out, or he would have KO’d him as he slowly got back to his feet. Instead Nog gave up position for a guillotine attempt, which actually allowed Mir to wake back up and reverse.

  • Frankensteve

    goddamn Hunt hits hard

  • frickshun

    I had high hopes for this card. In retrospect….I’m dumb.