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Krazy Horse might not be in jail

With Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua off and Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett apparently in jail on probation violations, the Strikeforce undercard was starting to look pretty stale. Fortunately it looks like our second favorite Bennett in MMA (R.I.P. Ryan Bennett) may not be off the card after all. Luke from BloodyElbow found the Circuit Court website documenting the case and on top of this learned that Krazy Horse has apparently already been released from jail. There’s some nice investigative reporting for you. Luke, your fedora and flashbulb camera are in the mail!

UPDATE: Word now is that the earliest Krazy Horse will be out of jail is July 16nd. And my interest in the Strikeforce card goes down and down. Le sigh.

  • Mike O

    from the court website:

    can you picture that in court? “and in the defendants corner, weighing in at 155 lbs, charles crazy hors bennett!”

  • Mike O

    *court goes wild*
    *charles stands up, tears apart a teddy bear, sits down*
    *judge bangs gavel*

  • fightlinker

    Charles does backflip off the juror’s bench. AWESOME-O!

  • Luke

    UPDATE: KH IS in jail and will be there for some time.

  • Jonathan

    As much as I like Krazy Horse’s fights for their sheer entertainment value, I can’t deny that he is probably the type of person that needs to be in jail.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah it’s just too bad it’s before the Boxer bout. It was the only other fight i was really looking forward to, other than Shamrock Baroni