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Kurt Angle’s idea of MMA

Hey all. Just a note that as it is easter, the posting is going to be a little erratic. We’re celebrating the something of Christ by eating His Eggs, and you should too! Anyways, the whole ‘Kurt Angle doing MMA’ thing is really starting to heat up, as I got this email from Michael Adams:

Tonight on TNA Total Impact they did as their main event a staged MMA fight (or I assume it was staged).   It featured Kurt fighting 3 or 4 guys one after another.   The matches were very “MMA” stylistic.   However I’m sure it was pretty clear to any MMA fans turning in that it wasn’t real.

However it gets better..   Marcus Davis appeared in a prerecorded segment where he called Kurt Angle an “All around athlete” and Samoa Joe a “Ground and Pound Specialist”. (Samoa Joe looks like like a tan Staypuff Marshmellow man, but he can move pretty quickly for being so round.)

Then in what I think signals the end of his MMA career Frank Trigg was announced to be making an appearance on next weeks show to discuss the match.

Kurt has been saying he wants to fight in MMA for a while but he’s really taken it to the next level lately. But the big question is if he’s actually going through with it, or if this is just another carnival trick to gain attention for TNA? Dispite a few small signs from Randy Couture, I still don’t believe this shit for a second. Especially when Angle is spending his nights fighting ‘mma’ on his dumb pro wrestling show.

  • garth

    did he punch wide of anyone’s head while stomping his foot real loud?

  • cingred

    Its okay, some Pride fights were just like this one. Watch the WWE follow suit. Then watch the scumbag pro wrestlers crossover more into MMA. Then………..well, you know.

  • Higgz

    Ha! More like Kurt Gay-ngle…I got nothin’

  • andres

    Hahaha dude higgz always makes my day gay-ngle hahaha wtf hella classic use to say that ass a kiddo
    Id like to see a video of kurts “real” wrestleing does anyone have one not the wwe his “real” talent plz!

  • dan

    did he not call out chuck a while back?

    love to see chuck knock his ass out

    chuck hits for real and no foot stomping there!

  • DannyP72

    Why has the video not surfaced yet?

  • Omomatta

    I’ve thought for many years that not enough guys in MMA utilize the Irish Whip into the ropes followed by a “Big Boot” to the head. Thiago Silva did, however, use a “Double Axehandle” on Houston Alexander.

  • kermit.01

    I had also sent this in, which features a Chuck Quote about Kurt..

    Kurt Angle claims he is fighting Randy Couture in a legit Mixed Martial Arts fight in the next several months. Angle also says that UFC president Dana White has offered him a big money contract to leave wrestling and join the UFC.

    In an interview with the UK’s Setanta Sports News, UFC star Chuck Liddell says Kurt Angle is “living in a dream world” if he truly thinks he can make a dent in Mixed Martial Arts competition:

    “He talks about it all the time, but he hasn’t made any movements towards doing it, to my knowledge he hasn’t done any training or cross-training. If he’s just gonna come in and wrestle, he’s going to get beat, you can’t just be a one-dimensional fighter in The UFC.”

  • Xavier

    He should go to DREAM and moonsault Fedor.

  • victorpoprock

    I need a video of this shit. Someone post it if you got it.

  • dan

    angle in 3 way with ogawa and barnett?

    maybe, but nothing to do with mma


    But he’ll be wearing MMA gloves!

  • dan

    frankie you dont get it mate haha

  • HexRei

    i think frankie was joking.

  • ZzFDKzZ
  • kermit.01

    Thats it. You can now revel in the might that is Kurt “Damn Real” Angle.. :p Or something like that.

  • andres

    Oh so he does have skill he’s kinda ok seen better in children… hint

  • threenutsinabag

    What a joke. I would pay 100 bucks to see chuck put him to sleep. And I FREAKIN HATE Chuck.

  • MadMan

    personally…watching Vanderlai Silva go animalistic
    on this cockfag: destroying his sad little charade;
    would be a thing of beauty :)

    I have respect for Angle’s wrestling abilities;
    any respect for him as a man…waivering.

  • Zane

    Does anybody agree Angle looks like a down syndome frank trigg/bas rutten?

  • Higgz

    Zane, If by “a down syndome frank trigg/bas rutten” you mean douche bag, then, yes, I totally agree!

  • x5BoltMainx

    That was really f*cking gay. I’ve seen elementary school plays with better acting.

  • Lifer

    if there was only going to be 1 post on the whole of march 21st i praise the lord it was about KURT ANGLE! WOOOOOOOO!

  • fightfan

    I will never understand why the fuck he is on Inside MMA????? A bunch of real athletes talk about training, fighting, etc, etc…… And you got Angle there, thinking, well I could do some really cool fake wrestling moves????

    He belongs there as much as someone who cant swim in a swimming pool. He has to feel like a moron when real mma fighters talk about the sport. When real fighters are on the show, he is probably thinking, hey, I could get Superfly Snuka here for a guest?!?