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Last doodle batch and doodle voting. Doodle!

(iamphoenix combines movie magic and MMA to create his doodle entry)

No, I haven’t forgotten about our totally awesome Century MMA doodle contest. I was just a fool to schedule it during a week where I was going to be spending half the days out doing UFC 124 stuff in Montreal – mainly drinking beer, liquor, and wine like a hobo. But what exactly is ‘time’, other than a human construct that in the grander scheme of things means nothing?

So throw off this shackle of the mind and join me for the last batch of doodles and discussion on who out of the multiple batches deserves the three shirt / shorts / hat prize packs and two knitted cap consolation prizes – perfect for keeping your ears from freezing off in this bullshit weather.

In addition to the great prizes, Century MMA has also set up the coupon code LINKER for anyone wanting 5$ off orders there. Personally, I like the Form Athletic shirts for Urijah Faber and Mark Munoz. That’s Faber’s clothing line and you can tell he’s taking it in a more surf-wear direction which is good because MMA shirts are often barf-tastic.

Discussion on the winners in the comments section of this post will go on till 10PM EST when I will absoulutely 100% on the minute announce who’s getting what so we can collect addresses and get these things out just in time for Christmas. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON WHO DESERVES THE SWAG NOW!

Conebone69 sheds some light on the other MMA vs Boxing pseudo-fight of the year

Omomatta’s obsession with testicle size continues with his entry

Undertaker confronts Brock by bLacacideviL.

Jake Shields vs Sleepy Mayhem, by lukustra

  • repenttokyo

    the JCVD one is my fave.

  • iamphoenix

    ^I agree.

  • gendersOn

    lmfao i had to make a account jus to vote. the sleepy mayham says it all def my fave

  • lukustra

    ^thanks, bro. ditto that lol.

  • subo

    The Undertaker/Brock one is actually really well done.

  • Kutana

    mayhem one is my fav

  • lukustra

    subo, cant disagree with that. he did a great job.

  • SST

    1. Cock/Off
    2. Undertaker/Lesnar
    3. Din Thomas

  • Cynischism

    Hey, just signed up to vote. I’m a little confused, though – do you vote for the old ones here or are they voted for in their own thread?
    In any case, I like the James Toney one from the third thread.

  • iamphoenix

    ^you’re only allowed to vote for the ones i did.

  • fightlinker

    You just post saying “That’s my fav” in any of the threads and then your magnificent benevolent dictator picks the ones he likes best ;-)

  • fedorama

    gotta go with sheilds and miller