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Lazy cat!

No, this has nothing to do with MMA. But screw you, this is my website and I do what I want. Especially during Christmas. Okay okay, here’s a cheap MMA related joke to make the post more suitable for your consumption: WOW LOOK AT LAZY CAT REMIND ME OF FATTY RASHAD EVANS IN 3RD ROUND LOLOLOLOL HE SO LAZY ROLF

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    damn you stole my thunder.

  • Atom


  • godzillad

    I have been looking for this video to turn into a GIF since 2001. Honestly, you are great men for ending my search.

  • http://none RW

    OMG! Did that cat die?

  • Audacity

    Since it’s your site, you don’t need to tack on a flimsy MMA premise to legitimize the….wait, I just got it: the cat is lazy and Rashad is lazy. The two can be correlated! That’s hilarious!

    But, seriously, BEST…POST…EVER.

  • Mike O

    start a new section of the site, MMALOLCATS

  • kentyman


  • fightlinker


  • ajadoniz

    i fucking hate cats, wish it woulda been a real truck.