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Le Radio Show (UFC 85 live show)


Yo i’m fucking shamsed out of yme ytryeee so here’s the radio shwo and tomorrw we’ll be back to coverage as per husual. Well usual for sa Sundayt. a little bit getter. GOODNIGHT SEATTLE!!!!

  • clint notestine

    WOW somebodies drank a little too much

  • clint notestine

    Fuck im gonna have tit flaps as i keep losing weight! God damn you gravity!

  • Hanzo Hattori

    embarrasing. will he look the same if he cuts to 185lbs

  • clint notestine

    worse unless he gets surgery

  • Gong

    The look of shame on Arianny’s face says it all.

  • ajadoniz


  • smoogleton

    So Robbie Lawler, according to FL, is “a lazy sack of shit”, not one of the 10 best MWs in the world.

    Terrible radio show, I tuned in because I hope maybe you know more about MMA than you let on in your posts, but that was a crass waste of time, try discussing the action next time instead of the fighters’ haircuts and other stupid bullshit

  • Millertime

    smoogleton you came to the wrong site. Just go back to sherdog.

  • BoshyClaus

    I wonder if Fightinker started drinking at 11 am for 85. I did.

  • Geoffr0y

    HAHA GB2 Sherdog. I’m going to be using that a lot I’m thinking.

  • KhrisKiller

    HA! Bang on MillerTime! Nice one. XD

  • asdfasd

    Holy shit! No wonder he swung so flabbily.

  • Joon4s

    It was about time. It has been too long since the last drunken post!

  • Wu Tang

    Even when hes drunk, he is able to do HTML links… Man, GEEEK!!!

  • toolverine

    I’m so excited for the haircut mockery. Listening now.

  • kentyman

    Honestly, I don’t notice the overuse of “like” (and it’s valid in the middle of a simile!).

    I’d vote for taking the grammar talk “offline”.

  • slinger

    slap him

  • esther

    Please stop using “literally” where inappropriate.