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Leonard Garcia part of the UFC’s latest firing squad

It has finally happened! After years of surviving off the mysterious power of his hilariously inaccurate yet judge-hypnotizing haymakers, Leonard Garcia has been let go by the UFC. This, after a five fight losing streak that would have actually been a TEN fight losing streak if judges in California and Nevada weren’t so in love with his donnybrooking style. Also let go in this round of cuts:

  • Antonio Carvalho
  • Reuben Duran
  • Pablo Garza
  • Kurt Holobaugh
  • Justin Lawrence
  • Bart Palaszewski
  • Sam Sicilia
  • Issei Tamura

Fare thee well, warriors! May the ‘UFC Veteran’ tag earn you an extra zero on your B-league paydays. In memory, let’s enjoy a few more Leonard Garcia gifs:

  • Reverend Clint

    Culling the herd. Glad to see Garcia go… now he can rob c level fighters

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    After 13 straight losses (I don’t care what the score cards said), I would have hoped he’d be released. I couldn’t believe it when I read that Kongo was let go but that Garcia still had a spot on the roster.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Imagine losing 5 fights in a row. That’s pretty fucking dreadful. You would think that anyone who did that would be having serious second thoughts about what they did and whether they weren’t wasting their and everyone else’s time and money by continuing.

    I can’t believe that anyone would be selfish enough to take up a roster spot and money from other people after they had lost 5 fights in a row, but I guess some people are only selfishly concerned with themselves and themselves alone.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    ^^^Are you suggesting that Garcia should have quit after a few losses solely to make room for other fighters on the roster?

    That’s insane. Even while losing he would be making tens of thousands in sponsorship and promotion, not to mention bonuses for his “exciting style”. I agree the dude should have been cut a while ago, but to call him selfish for continuing to step up and fight in the major leagues for major money (comparatively) is retarded. I’m starting to think that you’re not a real doctor…

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    ^ I’m just thinking … Jeez, have some pride, dude. You lose 5 times in a row? This game’s not for you. You’re not good enough. Hang ‘em up.

    Would you seriously continue to go out there and embarrass and humiliate yourself and get beaten up in public (not to mention putting yourself through all that training camp) just for money, when you’re not even making win bonuses? When all the evidence of 5 losses in a row tells you that you KNOW you’re going to lose and get beaten up at the end of it? There are other ways to make money. Millions of other ways.

    I did not phrase my previous comment terribly well & I apologise for that (and for a lot of my previous comments – I have been quite a dick just recently and I have no explanation or excuse for that), but still … if you lose 5 fights in a row … give it up. The game’s passed you by; stand aside and make way for someone else.

  • agentsmith

    Counting the Phan and Korean Zombie robberies, Garcia really has at least 8 losses in a row. Can’t remember the draw against Roop, but if that was questionable too, then it’s 10. Then there’s another controversial split-D against Massouh, then the failed title shot against Mike Brown.

    So one could make a pretty legit argument that Garcia’s last clear win was 13 fights ago when he KO’d Jens Pulver in 2008. But I’m sure we’ll all miss his drunk cowboy fightin style.