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Let’s do this thing!

Is there a better way to resume blogging transmissions on than with Cecil People’s infamous fight-starting Chicken Karate Chop? I don’t think so. So as Cecil would say, “Let’s do this thing!” Well, maybe he says that. Don’t think just because I took a few days off that I’m back any less lazy about fact checking than before.

  • Dukes

    OH GOD YES!!!!

  • catch

    And here I was thinking the first video post back would be an ass cancer colonoscopy video.

  • Swedish guy

    “Let’s dance”, isn’t that what he says? Just saying.

  • Atom

    welcome back.

    I’ve been thinking, perhaps your avatar on the forums should be osiris. I don’t know much about ancient egypt, but I do know he was a god… HALF MAN, HALF JACKAL!

  • Swedish guy

    Too bad that one is taken then… :-p

  • Swedish guy

    BTW, you (and I) mean Anubis, not Osiris ;-)

  • Atom

    Thanks… exactly why I included a disclaimer about my non-egyptologist status. =)

  • Beau

    This move is a classic. All other refs should watch and take notes. Maybe Steve “Porn Stache” Mazagatti should twist the corners of his mustache to start the fight.

  • shanaconda

    awesome to have you back. i felt like it was christmas when i warmed up the old typewriter this am,
    fightlinker out the wazoo!!!!

  • jackal-matt

    Besides being a shitty judge, it looks like Cecil has shitty karate chops as well.

  • kentyman

    Now I feel all weird about having the Anubis avatar…

  • Matthew Polly

    God, it’s good to have you back. Stay healthy. You can’t leave us alone with only those other MMA websites to read.

  • Big D D

    That’s gold!