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Lil Ronda

D’aaaaw, who could imagine that this sweet little girl would soon be snapping arms and talking mad sh*t? These screenshots are from Loretta Hunt’s video interview / article on Ronda Rousey the day before she gets her crack at the Strikeforce 135 pound women’s title. WAR RONDA!

  • G Funk

    This is getting creepy…

    And who’s that Mexican standing next to RHonda?

  • frickshun

  • iamphoenix

    and this is her in the womb, and this is her being conceived, and this is her in daddy’s ball sack.

  • CAP

    Pedophile creeper. Again.

  • P W

    That mustache doesn’t fool anyone, that’s Joe Son!

  • fightlinker

    You pervos. I’m more hot for Ronda’s mom but I guess current ronda is still pretty good

  • CAP


  • frickshun

    That’s a wonderful pic. SubZero would love that!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    She looks redonkulous in that pic.  I can’t wait for Saturday.

  • AJBuwalda

    Holy shit! Is that a Bass Rutten badge on her leggings? YAY, misplaced nationalism <3

  • glassjawsh

    def creep worthy

  • Letibleu