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Listen to the Low Blow goddamn it

Hey guys. Gonna be a quiet morning as the vegetarian food I ate last night is forcing it’s way out of my ass hardcore. I’ve tried doing some writing on the pot but I almost peed into my laptop’s motherboard fan so that option is out. So for an hour or two you’re on your own. I pray you all survive.

In the meantime, you should listen to this week’s low blow, and submit questions in the comments section of this post for next week’s mailbag! Special thanks to our sponsors for the show : Xieyeience and Super Extreme Energy Creamu.

  • Shaun

    8 out of 10 tech supporters agree, that peeing into a motherboard’s fan is the recommended solution for fan noise.

  • Angry Jay

    Any comments on Randy Couture’s Academy Award winning performance on “The Unit”?

    I know he wants a big-time Hollywood career and all, but he needs an ear transplant. His current “dog chewed my ears” style ain’t so hot outside whatever geometrically shaped ring he decides to fight in.

  • kentyman

    Where are we supposed to send our questions to? Do we just ask them in this thread?

  • fightlinker

    Old school joke, huh? +50 points.

  • stellar53

    Detectivce Fightliner,

    Is Rob Emerson still in jail? And what did he do to get put in the clink………

    OCSD.ORG, click on “eServices”, then look at “who’s in jail”.


  • stellar53

    How is your training going?

    The pictures of you in Cincinnati made you look like fat fucks (homos also but that is already well known, but there is nothing wrong with that)….I thought we were going to get reports on your training regime and weight loss etc…..

    fat asses….

  • Jake

    The fitness reports are going to be part of the new layout, and new site design. It’ll include pictures, goals, and perhaps a video of us suffering intensely. It might also feature some videos of some jujitsu action, although I’m not sure I’m game for it.

    And ryan looked fat. I’m a trim 185

  • intenso

    haha new site. good one, Jake.

  • fightlinker

    Jake, STFU. These are mailbag questions. I may be fat, but at least i’m not stupid.

  • stellar53

    I was just thinking the same thing….fucking ruined the low blow for me now……think before you type…..thanks a lot…..

  • Ted Dibiase

    Who would have won the superfight that never happend?

    Joe Rogan or Wesely Snipes?

  • stellar53

    Who would win this superfight rematch?
    Joe Rogan or Stephen Quadros?

  • stellar53

    Are you at fightlinker going to throw a New Year’s Eve UFC/Fightlinker party at your mom’s house (or somewhere a little more appealing) for us fightlinker fans?

  • The Grass Hoppa

    im new to the site, first podcast i listened to, nice fellas, you got another regular on your site.

    and speaking of joe rogan…… is it just me or does everyone else want to punch him in the throat to make him shut up?? he has to be the most stupid and dumbass commentator i’ve ever seen. He calls it wrong more than half the time and has absolutely nothing to bring to the mma world….

  • intenso

    I actually like Joe Rogan, and he definitely isn’t wrong more than half the time. I guess the worst I could say about him is that he’s too excitable which makes him come across as a bit of a fanboy but that’s not to annoying to me.

    I don’t like his comedy very much.

  • Mr. Theplague

    1- When are you going to do a new comic?
    2-Any more news on the winner of Rashad/Bisping actually getting #1 contender status?
    3- Can’t Crocop afford a car?


    Postbag time huh…

    A bit FightClub but fuck it; If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?

    ETA on the Fightlinker T-Shirts? Us Jackals would wear em with Pride!
    (I could get em printed out here in Bangkok for you Super cheap…)

    Would you like an invite to the private tracker I work for? We get stuff faster than most…

    And just to show I aint hugging your nuts if you say E-light instead of Elite again, I’m gonna have a hacker friend get your address and Fedex you a turd.

  • The Grass Hoppa

    how you could like him is beyond me. He views and comments things the completely wrong way from a fighters perspective like “wow! what skill to just escape that armbar!” etc… when 99% of the time:

    1.) it was the sloppiness of the person applying the armbar that let them escape, and

    2.) why the fuck did they let themselves get caught in the armbar to begin with.

    Pick any ufc and i will go through and write down for you the exact time intervals of his stupid comments and i bet it will total over 50 per dvd.

    don’t take it personal intenso, most of your comments i have read, i agree with, i just dont like joe rogan. I wish they would replace him with someone who knew what they were talking about.

  • stellar53

    I’m all for the fightlinker t-shirts….

    Joe Rogan isn’t a bad commentator…..actually very smart compared to a lot of others…..he is better than his nemesis “The Fight Professor”, he is one creepy guy and his “jokes” are not funny at all….

  • kentyman

    I loved J-Rock’s Matt Serra impression, but I’d like to hear y’all’s.

  • stellar53

    You had to bring up Rothwell, so tell me, where do you Rank him?

    Actually, why don’t you guys do a skit on how you think the fight would go if he was up against Fedor or Vera or Sylvia or Cro Cop or Nog….your choice….

  • stellar53

    Tito vs. Shogun……Please UFC make this fight happen….IMO, Tito wins ala body slam Evan Tanner style…..your opinion

  • intenso

    The Grass Hoppa…

    1. I don’t fight or train MMA. I’m not going to start either because I’m weak/slow/uncoordinated/lazy/etc. So when I’m watching MMA I’m not analyzing the minute details of every situation to see if Joe Rogan has a “wrong” opinion of something like the skill it took to escape an armbar.
    2. It’s his job to “put over” the fighters and the event. Do you think he should say “good thing A got lazy because B sucks for letting himself get caught with that, etc.”
    3. “why the fuck did they let themselves get caught in the armbar to begin with.” is an odd thing to say to me. How about, because they are in the cage with a very good athlete?
    In football a defensive back can get “beat” on a pass play (because the offense did a good job) and then make a good tackle to prevent a touchdown. The tackle isn’t any less impressive because the reception was made.
    4. Don’t bother going through your DVDs. I don’t give that much of a shit and you shouldn’t either.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Who is the most important fighter for the UFC to acquire or re-acquire aside from Randy and Fedor?

  • Boshy Claus

    Out of all the professional fighters in MMA who do you think has killed the most people?

    Whats the most overused phrase during UFC events? i.e. “huge feather in his cap”

  • Mobb Deep

    I was watching some IFL the other day (by accident) and I noticed yet another fighter with painted toe nails. Why the fuck do you think that fighters do such a gay thing?

  • Boshy Claus

    On a scale of one to ten, how much ass does Mickeys kick?

  • Boshy Claus

    What do you think of the Mickeys UFC collectible cans?

  • Boshy Claus

    I think Mickeys kicks ass about 8.5/10. btw Out of all the MMA fighters Mirko’s probably killed the most dudes. If there were some weapons integrated into the OCTAGON you bitches wouldn’t be talking shit.. Cause Mirko would of knifed Gabe in his punk ass nose.

  • Boshy Claus

    Do you think its gay that Josh Koscheck’s “walking song” has his name in it? Who has the best walking song?

  • Boshy Claus

    2 part question. (1) Are you on Evan Tanners myspace? (2) Do you think Evan Tanner should make the switch from myspace to facebook?

  • Boshy Claus

    Fightlinker why are you the bane of my existance?

  • Boshy Claus

    Is anyone else excited that Ryo Chohan is now in the UFC?

  • Boshy Claus

    Am I posting too much? I am drunk off the Mickeys…

  • Boshy Claus

    Angry Jay thats just hilarious. Randys ears are totally fucked up.

  • Swedish guy

    If you were to make a choice between

    a) never ever again have sex (of any sort) with a woman and evan tanner would return messiah-style to the ufc middleweight division
    b) fuck whomever you want at any given time (and they’d be up for it) but while you do it, you have to wear 3d-glasses showing replays of IFL greatest knockouts, and you’d also have to wear earbuds featuring kevin ioles and gabe ruedigers commentary for the ifl-show.

    So basically your chosing between what’s best for the ufc and fucking while watching ifl.