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  • yoyo_from_paris

    Actually, I’m starting to develop a certain taste for ponnies.
    I think i’m goin’ to drop MMA altogether…

  • Hattori Hanzo

    CAreful, Ponylinker might end up being more profitable than Fightlinker.

  • kentyman

    That conga line at the end reminded me of this:

    Love Train

  • Blue

    Does this sparkle with all the Fightlinker visitors?

  • fightfan

    FL, you are starting to worry me.

    Also, POST 3 that is one of the funniest pics I seen in a while!

  • Márcio

    love the new header you guys should keep it permanently.

  • cheezeypoof

    where can i order my PonyLinker t-shirt?

  • Zurich

    Donkey Punch! Er… I mean, PONY PUNCH.

  • Johnny

    This is, like, my tenth visit to the site today, and I’m still laughing. Never knew ponies were such a turn on.

    And for the first time I realized the musical interlude in “I’m Too Sexy” is taken from Hendrix’s “1984 (A Merman I Shall Be)”. Ponies are so great.

  • nephildevil

    Nobody touches my little pony! >:{ lol

  • x5BoltMainx

    This doesn’t sparkle with me.

  • JYAG

    ponies make me horny