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Lookin good, Nog!

No, that’s not some random old man who wandered into the UFC 134 press conference, that’s how frighteningly/depressingly worn Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira is looking these days.  We already knew that the aging properties of getting punched in the face for 12+ years and ran over by trucks had put more miles on Big Nog’s body than a 70-year-old pornstar, but godDAMN do pics like this really drive the point home.  It’s crazy that he’s three months younger than me, yet I still retain my man-pretty looks while he resembles someone who owns a walk-in bathtub.  And considering his recent hip surgeries, he probably does.

  • Letibleu

    Fuck why did I click on that link.

  • chiggs

    ^^^ Hehe not sure, But am I the only one hoping that Nog fucking rips of douchenozzle Schaubs arm in dramatic fashion, or even Ko’ him(although after 12yrs and only one KO/1 TKO, doubt thats gonna happen) SUcks to see guys like Nog, Fedor, Wandy, Cro Cop looking so wornout..time has taken its toll thats for fucking sure, sucks ass

  • CAP

    I’m hoping Nog can get a win but I’m worried the wheels are gonna keep falling off. He’s also had a lot of major surgery recently so I am not expecting the best Minotauro. But hoping.

    And I no I don’t think Schaub deserves a title shot with a win.

  • chiggs

    SHit no Schnaub doesnt deserve shit imo. Then again, I cant stand the fuckin Nob. Really hope Big Nog has one last run in him, or at least one more Sweet fight/come back, I SOOOOOOOOO want him to fuck up Schaub, but coming off TWO hip REPLACEMENTS, rebuilt knees, an what ever other rebuilds they did too him, are enough to Shut down anyone, shit, the average person doesnt go on to lead a normal life after what he’s gone thru, let alone come back and perform a combat sport, at the highest levels.
    Seeing Nog and Fedor, my two all time Fav HW’s at the stage/shape there in, makes me a fuckin sad Panda :/

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    He looks stoned and drunk.  WAR NOG.

  • kvelertak

    So you shit on big nog for months saying he is done and now you’re licking his balls?

    Damn you fightlinker.

  • glassjawsh

    lol, youre old as fuck.

    but seriously though, what’s even CRAZIER is that everyone considers Big Nog, Wandy, Cro Cop and Fedor washed up at their age and Anderson Silva is older than ALL OF THEM

  • chiggs

    Yeap, difference being, the wars theyve all been in. Anderson never had the schedule those dudes had especially in Pride, which we all know, was WAAAY More violent and physical, the knees to the head, face kicks, head stomps, soccer kicks just take way too much out of the recipient. And in all honestly, I still say the change in the more lax rules is what has hampered Fedor an Wandy, they’ve had to control their aggression in a totally different manner then they had to before, where they could just go full out, fight on instinct(theirs being Killer) letting the hands, knees an feet fly. It was a beautiful symphony of destruction watching Wandy, Cro Cop and Fedor during their primes in Pride, just sucks that its had a sadly, adverse affect on them all. Same age as Nog an Fedor, but yet they look 10 yrs older then me..Ah well Fans of all Mentioned for life!!

    **Also is it just me, or does Nog’s Neck and Shoulders look fucking HUGE again, he used to be alot bigger before he 1st came over to the UFC, an it looks like he’s added some size again..

  • glassjawsh

    ^ “And in all honestly, I still say the change in the more lax rules is what has hampered Fedor an Wandy” rule changes < age/not fighting a regular stream of cans. always figured that if wandy had pulled a fedor and been a bitch about signing with the UFC after pride that lord dana would have bashed him for his level of competition as much as he bashed fedor (however unfair either might be)

  • Reverend Clint

    i thought that was Gaddafi

  • Night Rider

    LOL thanks clint for saving this topic. 


    P.S. I am still waiting on the Riker beard


  • SST

    You guys are trippin’. Nog got this in the bag. R1 sub