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Loretta Hunt leaves the Fight Network

For those of you who weren’t aware, I spend most of my days either working on this site or in the bushes behind Loretta Hunt’s house trying to get a good look into her bedroom. And while I haven’t gotten to see as much naked Loretta as I’d like, I do hear things from time to time. And it looks like Loretta has left the Fight Network. I don’t have many details at the moment past the fact that it seems like it was her decision. But maybe she made that decision after they moved her desk next to that guy with really bad body odor (Mauro). Fingers crossed this was in anticipation of a full Playboy pictorial. Or maybe one with Penthouse! I like those ones more because they do the whole ‘legs open, gates spread’ shot.

  • Ark

    You have unusual tastes, my friend.

  • j. son

    one of the bigger behind the scenes names on the TV side quit too. People are jumping off that ship before it sinks.

  • Atom

    You mean legs spread, gate open?

  • MacDaddy

    maybe mauro ranallo tried to touch her with his “25cm pole”…

  • Higgz

    She’s got a little bit of a snaggle tooth look about her.

  • Amy Robinson

    I’m dissappointed Ryan, I thought I was your favorite female mma journalist. Now I realize the thing my hillbilly dad was shooting at in our bushes was just the neighbors dog. I’ll have to tell them to take the posters down.

  • Erin

    I’m sure there’s plenty of Ryan to go around for all of us hot chicks, Amy.