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Loving pony too much???

OMG sad story that turned out okay. Makes me happy:

A TINY Shetland foal orphaned on Christmas Day has finally been fostered by another pony after several unsuccessful attempts to unite her with a replacement family.

Ruby was taken to Redwings Ada Cole Rescue Stables, in Epping Road, Nazeing, at just two months old after losing her mother unexpectedly to an illness.

Dedicated staff at the sanctuary worked round the clock for six weeks to ensure Ruby was bottle fed and cuddled throughout the day and night, giving her some of the love she had lost when her mother died.

But the 25-inch blue and white foal was becoming too familiar with people and had forgotten how to interact with other ponies.

  • yoyo_from_paris

    You guys are soooo sick ;-)

  • Accomando

    I think the Pony on the left will win the fight; he looks tough, good stare-down.

  • MadMan
  • Jemaleddin

    That is so sweet! I love stories with a happy ending. Squee!

  • Mylittlepwny

    Your site makes me sick. I was looking for some pony info for my daughter then stumbled upon some human cock fighting axe murderer video non sense. I will have your site closed down for sure.

  • Gong

    Okay, these are kind of cute. I’m expecting a pony podcast now too, okay?

  • Hattori Hanzo


  • Atom

    Its gonna be a long day