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The Low Blow Episode 138: Double shotgun to da face

Welcome to another episode of the Low Blow! We tried to do something a tiny bit different this week, and we’ve broken the show up into two parts: the first which is all news news cutting edge news! And then the second part which is all UFC 109. Ho-lee crap, it’s practically like two episodes in one!

So what did we talk about? UFC 112 being held in freakin’ Ferarri World, the NFL fining some football coach for flipping MMA fans the bird, the WEC’s May PPV aspirations, Strikeforce’s big business weekend, and more. On the UFC 109 side, we go through the list of undercard fighters staring down the barrel of unemployment, and of course go through all the main card fights too. One hour and ten minutes of podcasting goodness.

  • Oubaida

    Why do people keep sainyg Sonnen deserves it, and no one deserves it better? He already had his chance, it should be someone elses turn. Let’s just cut all the MWfighters from the UFC except Sonnen and Silva, cause we’re going to have Silva-Sonnen rematches for as long as it takes till Sonnen finally wins .

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