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The Low Blow Episode 32: MMA MONDAY SCHOOL / UFC 80 preview

It’s the Low Blow, baby! Episode 32 comes to you with 30 minutes of casual conversation regarding UFC 80, and then a buttload of news items. Covered topics include Randy Couture’s ‘broken arm’, Gina Carano breaking up with EliteXC, Sean Sherk passing the buck, and George St Pierre hating on Matt Serra. It’s a surprisingly tight show, with tons of rage and rants.

Download it here, or listen to it with our NEW HOTNESS stream applet to your right. It’s 61 minutes of MMA madness. iTunes users should have this puppy on their pods by Tuesday noon.

  • Jonathan

    Guys…I am actually about to head to bed, and I am listening to this show before I go to sleep.

  • BoshyClaus

    Fightlinker declares war on Sherdog. Fightlinker returns with a low blow.

  • dan

    will have this on my ipod for work this afternoon. just found this site and enjoyed the last low blow. altho everyone at work thaught i was strange walking around laughing to myself listning to it

  • Wu Tang

    I would not touch her with a 10 foot pole.

  • Boondock

    Awesome as always guys. Hilarity + MMA = GOLD! How do I apply to be the third wheel? I can talk shit with the best of em. I’ll make all your mamma’s cry.

  • winklepicker

    Shouldn’t you be calling it “malebag?”

  • #1 jackal


  • intenso

    great job, guys.

  • Big D D

    I always knew you two were our slaves, thanks for admitting it.

  • MacDaddy

    When Jake starts ranting (i.e. about Gina Cornhole) he starts to run his sentences on without breathing, and as he goes on, he starts to sound more and more like Kermit the Frog.

  • dulljake

    I forget to breath when I’m passionate…

  • Accomando

    The GSP impersonation was highlarious, seriously, good stuff.

  • kentyman

    The GSP impression was best with the fuck-ups. 46:44-47:18 was gold.

    And only 2 of the top 20 fattest cities in America are in Texas, according to Forbes. Unfortunately, Austin lately got so fat that they beat Houston off the list.

    Beat Houston off?

  • Accomando

    “…He said I was giving excuses, which is bad….He was a nice guy until he crossed the line; PURfect..”

  • intenso

    I agree on the GSP impression. Hilarious.


    Great show as usual, but you missed an important factor in the Gonzaga Vs Werdum fight; Verdum TKO’d Gonzaga in Jungle Fight 2 ? A few years back…

  • kentyman

    Yeah, but I seriously that’s gonna happen again.

    Y’know how Jake calls Wanderlei a shaved gorilla? Gonzaga’s an au naturale gorilla.