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The Low Blow Episode 37: Dickface edition

Another week, another podcast! This week is all about Saturday’s $treet Certified show, the Mark Cuban lawsuit, and Mirko CroCop running back to Japan. Expect the standard hatred towards EliteXC’s DJ and announcers, plus a little extra for Scott Smith.


or check it out using our handy streaming applet to your right. Finally, iTunes users will be happy to find out we’ve got the iFeed rolling again, and you should get juicy content direct to your device in the next few hours.

  • MacDaddy

    Mauro Ranallo and the UFC Goldberg have “infomercial mouth”…

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    “Fuck the Whale! Forget about it!”

  • dan

    i posted the same in the comic comments as i didnt know if there would be a lowblow as you guys ‘went missing’ over the weekend lol

    but whats up with the volume? its max on itunes and on the ipod but is still very quiet. can you guys sort it

  • dulljake

    is anyone else having this problem, or is dan deaf?

  • fightlinker

    Just tested the file and it was maxed and should be fine. Anyone else having this problem and where are you getting it from, itunes or downloading?

  • kentyman

    I download it and it’s at a good volume for me as-is.

  • JackalAss

    i wanted to hear more smack talk about silva and ricco.

  • kentyman

    Back with another one of those cock-blockin’ beats!

  • Da Twin

    finally u lazy fucks got off your asses and found something to talk shit about, very good

  • airipsus

    you guys are funnier than Joe Rogaine, but that’s not really saying much.still was laughing pretty hard though.

  • Hywel Teague

    lol funny stuff on JT but kind of on the ball too. He tried hard and did all the right things, but yeah he is a great guy and may look special at times but he is very funny, sharper than you think and genuinely humble.

    PS the name the Japanese gave him was ‘Gong and Dash’

    lol @ you being a 30 year old rave DJ. lame!

  • dave

    Moby Dick was the lamest book i ever forced myself to read.

  • fightlinker

    Oh man, you don’t know the half of it. It’s not like the UK where being a trance dj can be kind of cool. Everyone in north america who listens to trance is 17 and on meth.

  • dan

    ok ok am a dick. the sound was fine with this one.

    must have been my itunes playing up with the last one.

    ok mr dj i think we all need a sample of your ‘mixing’ lol

    oh and another great show lads

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    Corker of a show. I fell asleep during some of it, but that is absolutely not a reflection of quality. I was exhausted. I may have to listen again.

    The Mauro Renallo impressions had me choking… choking worse than a chicken who is a comedian on stage but not getting many laughs! As Mauro might say!

    Yo yo yo and away I go.