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The Low Blow Episode 40: March Mailbag, live!

As part of our March Madness celebration we did two Low Blows this week, and as usual the first week of the month means it’s MAILBAG time! The mailbag shows are always great, but I think this could very well be the best mailbag show ever. The questions were awesome, and both Jake and I hit that perfect drunk/coherent balance that really makes the show shine. We answer nearly 30 of your toughest questions in a mere 90 minutes, with no bathroom breaks!


Or listen to it with the super sweet audio player to your right. And all you iTunes people will be happy to know the show should appear sometime later this morning!


    No piss breaks! You 2 been pissing in spindles?

  • fightlinker

    It was hard, but i held it. I took a 3 minute leak after, it was mind-blowing

  • dan

    is anyone else having probs downloading it?
    i just get the start music thats it

  • dan

    its working now

    fuck i hate computers

  • Johnny

    I hate helicopters.