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The Low Blow Episode 43: Keepin’ It Real

Yo, we is totally keeping it fucking real on this episode of the Low Blow! We talk a bit about our weekend filming GSP, Denis Kang, David L’Oiseaux, and Jonathan Goulet. And then it’s the TV breakdown, where we look at the Iron Ring and the fucked up ShoXC Denny/Malaipet fight. Was Thomas Denny a bitch? Find out by tuning in!

After that we talk gay fighters, Evan Tanner’s gambling, Gina Carano NOT fighting, and Frank Shamrock throwing his brother under the world’s largest bus.

Oh yeah, and we announce the winners of the 12 Stones “Anthem for a Beatdown” contest! All this in 45 tight minutes!


Or listen to it on our magical fantastical audio applet in the sidebar, or via iTunes.

  • Atom

    Good to see posting is back up to regular speed. The front page is almost full of posts from today alone.

  • fightlinker

    i’m feeling ‘invigorated’ from the weekend :-)

  • x5BoltMainx

    So, we take it that your anus is better now? So what did the docs give you to feel “invigorated”? ;)

  • fightlinker

    no, not really all good but doing better. Fingers crossed by next week it’ll be nearly good as new

  • Ineedgirlfriend

    What happened to your anus? You were raped or what?

  • Hywel Teague

    I listened to about 3/4 of it, then the AWESOMEness made my computer crash.

    And my name is How-ell, not Hi-well

  • fightlinker

    You’ll always be High-Well Tea-Guh to us

  • dulljake

    That totally doesn’t make sense man. How can “HY” be pronounced “HO” it’s this British thing. sure, we don’t pronounced “aluminium” wrong, but surely we pronounce your name correctly.

  • kentyman

    It’s pronounced “Ken Shamroid”.

  • MadMan

    What, exactly, is the best way to work the muscley bits with the crevice-thing in between ‘em?

  • x5BoltMainx

    What does “zombie” mean?

  • Atom

    What’s a diorama?

  • Smitler

    Haha…”Ken Shamroid” is a quality Freudian slip. Good work fellas.

  • Stellar53

    I want a Hot Fightlinker Lesbo Party!!!!

  • kentyman

    8:31 in is by far my favorite part:

    “They had a great time at the track. Blaah.” -Jake

    (BTW, The Low Blow link on the right is still pointing to episode 42.)