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The Low Blow Episode 46: Nick Diaz tribute mailbag show

Lo and behold, it’s the special Nick Diaz tribute mailbag show! 90 minutes of stoner goodness delivered in MP3 format, what more could you ask for? We burn through pretty much every single question asked by our readers, split up into MMA goodness and then a final 30 minutes of pure fan service. This may have set a new record for stupidity … I’m still not sure if that makes the show better or worse, but I’ll let you guys decide that.


or listen to it using the sidebar applet. iTunes people should be seeing it sometime later tonight.



  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)


  • garth

    i totally stole that from someone on sherdog. that’s awesome.
    wow, you guys went a bit far afield with that. i think the gay jokes has something to do with your own talk on making fun of people making fun of you (or attempting to) by calling you gay because you don’t like ugly former hookers.

  • garth

    DUDE. Ricco Rodriguez is the man who would be my choice for the drinking contest.

  • ninjitsu

    I think Bas Rutten would fare well in a drinking contest

  • mike o

    funniest fightlinker in a while

  • x5BoltMainx

    *thumps up* even though you guys didn’t pronounce my name correctly :(

  • catch

    The beating up Tim Sylvia segment had me cracking up.

  • Atom

    In your LW rankings, How do you put Joe Lauzon (16-4, 3-1) above Roger Huerta (20-1-1, 6-0).

    Joe beat BRANDON Melendez, not GILBERT!

  • Trembling Eagle

    which episodes have his mom on them?

  • Márcio

    great show guys, nick diaz would be proud.

  • MRC54

    Be Free Timmay, Be Free!!!

  • MadMan

    pretty good…but i think you’re funnier with beer :)

  • clint notestine

    thanks for getting my last name right… nobody can pronounce it correctly. Made my day hearing my questions answered.

  • Threatis

    i take offence to the statement i’m the forums asshole.

    actually….no…i dont.

  • P W

    That was the LAMEST intro ever!

  • Stellar53

    Your mom sounds so hot!!!

  • kentyman

    The EliteXC Nazi is Melvin Costa, not George Acosta. :)