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The Low Blow Episode 47: Yucky Yamma

Following up on last week’s ‘Yummy Yamma’ episode, we now fend off a Yamma hangover and try to put into words why the show was so bad it was actually kinda good … in a bad way. We also break down the Strikeforce NBC show, how good it was, and how effective it’s gonna be in bringing Strikeforce into the mainstream. Last but not least, we delve a little bit more into the Tim Sylvia vs Fedor fight.

Oh, and CONTEST! We’ve teamed up with the BetUS radio show to give you guys a chance to win some sweet Fightlinker t-shirts … FOR FREE! Wow! Listen to our radio show to learn half of the answer to our ninja skill testing question, and then listen to the BetUS radio show. Jason MacDonald will give you the other half of the answer, and then you can mail us with that at to win some shirts from our store!

**UPDATE** I forgot the link. Me is stupid!

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  • godzillad

    Was this posted early? Comeon guys, tighten up your game.

  • twankydawg

    Dude, where the hell is the comic? That’s my favorite thing on here and you guys are holding out, every Monday was the standard you set, IT’S LATE TUESDAY ALREADY DAMMITT!!

  • uchibangbang

    whats up with the rest of the radio shows not showing up on the black side pannel thing?

  • fightlinker

    uchi: fixed! thanks for the heads up
    twanky: we talk about the comic in the radio show!

  • mike o

    link to mp3 please?

  • Stellar53


  • uchibangbang

    sweet thanks i wasn’t finished listening to the other shows

  • kentyman

    Also, The Low Blow link on the right is a couple episodes out of date.

  • garth

    dude…the opening music made me what to play GH3

  • catch

    3 episodes in a week? Nice.

  • MadMan

    …maybe Scott Ferrall’s ring announcing wasn’t THAT
    bad afterall ;)

    Nice show–Thanks!!

  • x5BoltMainx

    *thumbs up*

  • fightlinker

    Sorry about the mp3 link … would have realized when you commented but there’s something kinky going on with comments not being mailed to me sometimes. I’m investigating as we speak!

    Glad you liked the show. DID YOU KNOW: when FL makes enough money for both Ryan and Jake to live off ramen noodles, there could be a daily episode!

  • x5BoltMainx

    I need to win the lottery so I can your sugar daddy :P

  • #1 jackal

    not wanting to do gina even though she is a little heavy. come on man you need to get checked into a mental hospital.

  • catch

    “maxed martial arts” is officially my favorite low blow one liner, and there have been a lot of good ones.

  • Trembling Eagle

    You guys nailed it with the “PODCAST graveyard”

    You guys easily the most normal and entertaining MMA podcast.

  • xtremeLoster

    WTF? Were you guys sober for this low blow?

  • BossTweed

    Yeah, they play the Canadian national anthem on TV here in the USA with that flag with the leaf on it before the stations go off the air.