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The Low Blow Episode 48: The UFC 83 Show

Emerging from the aftermath of UFC83, we present to you another radio show full of smiles, hugs, and laughter. We talk about our respective weekends during the show, all of the main card fights, and a little about the Chuck Liddell injury. We also discuss whether having such dominant champions is good or bad for the UFC. 45 minutes of consice goodness!


or check it out using our streaming sidebar application. iTunes is also groovy by us, and the show should show up there in a few hours.

  • Method

    panties? come on you guys are the linker! link it!

  • fightlinker
  • clint notestine

    “Sorry, forgot!

    Sweet now I won’t feel like a pedophile anymore!!!

  • Trembling Eagle

    that little skinny underdeveloped thing is what ur lusting after?

    still a snatch is a snatch
    I’ll take a peek

  • clint notestine

    “that little skinny underdeveloped thing is what ur lusting after?”
    You know you’d bend her over and show her your magic wand.

  • Millertime

    Sweet another Low Blow. I love when Ryan does his wacky voices and impressions.

  • dulljake

    you are aware that Ryan does like zero wacky voices, right? It’s all me, bitch!

  • Raine


    Where did episodes 46 and 47 go?

  • dulljake

    ryan put them in the wrong category. All fixed now.

  • Stellar53

    Nice, but someone needs to buy her some shaving cream and a razor!!!

  • Millertime

    I especially like his GSP.

  • Millertime

    Ryans that is.

  • RoB

    yeah ryan is the best!! isnt there another guy on the show?………..shit.. oh well ill just give ryan all the credit! ryan you are the best. ryan

  • #1 jackal

    keep up the good work ryan. you should look into getting a side kick sometime. it might spice up the show. if you are interested in having one, shoot me some flimage.

  • fightlinker

    hehe is this all to help whats his name get over his ego issues?

  • RoB

    i like ryans comics too

  • godzillad

    You guys asked about how well Bocek is gonna do. Well, as things have it, Mark fucking Bocek is the only fighter I have seen live twice. I saw him get smashed by Frankie Edgar at UFC 73 and then give me the opportunity to buy a $6 Sprite at UFC 79. The guy has nothing for people that he either can’t outwrestle or can’t grapple with.

  • ninjitsu

    LOL @ the Canadiens fans in the background. I watched a news clip of fans lighting a police car on fire after they won that game…

  • Wu Tang

    that pix looks gross.. I feel like throwing up now.. Damn gingers, when are they going to dye their hairs!

  • tony@rbd

    Between the pedophilia, pantie eating, cat beating, and car horn celebrations this is one of the most exciting episodes I have heard! Enough with the bleeding hearts though… Starnes and Lutter reap what they sow.

  • kentyman

    Ryan’s Sean Connery impression FTW!

    Oh, and I also like what he’s done with the Fightlinker Facebook page.

  • x5BoltMainx

    *thumbs up*

    she can be my suger mama any day of the week *yummy*

  • dulljake

    That page does suck balls, no? Any suggestions on improving it?

  • kentyman

    Hrm, I’ve actually thought about it and couldn’t come up with much.

    It makes sense to have a Facebook “presence”, but at the end of the day, is where Fightlinker fans will be “hanging out”.