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Low Blow Interview w/ Rich Bergeron: Xyience situation could bring the Fertittas down

Hey everyone! Today is the dawn of a new era here at Fightlinker: the era of us actually going out and harassing people in and around the fight industry. We’ve been working hard over the past week and a half to set up interviews with a number of fighters, managers, trainers, bloggers, pundits, and others. And today is the day you get to start seeing the nasty fruits of our labors.

We’re kicking off our series with Fight News Unlimited’s Rich Bergeron, the guy who poked Xyience with a stick so often they slapped him with a 25 million dollar lawsuit. Rich has been covering sketchy shit going on at Xyience for a really long time, and there’s no one better to talk to if you want to understand what’s happening with that company and why you as a fan of the UFC needs to worry about what happens to it. We initially thought he was crazy, but now it looks like he was right about everything.

Last year, the big MMA story that flew under the radar and changed everything was the PRIDE yakuza scandal. This year it could very well be the UFC / Xyience story. Embezzlement, fishy money transfers between companies, and possible collusion between the Fertittas and Xyience CEOs to steal the company from it’s shareholders. There’s 101 ways this shit could hit the fan, and if you wanna know what’s up from A to Z, this is where to look.


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  • Tanner

    Right on i’m down with the interviews but we still need the dick and fart jokes to make sure we’re entertained.

  • danaunclefesterwhite

    If Zuffa is going to go down like this, this is bullcrap. It would be a lot cooler if the Fertittas were really mafia. Quick, someone photoshop Dana White’s face on Tony Soprano.

  • steve24

    I’m not sure if Rich is going to read the comments on this site, but if he is, are you afraid for your life at this point? I mean, with what your saying about the Fertitta’s being head of mafia and all, don’t you think they have it out for you? Anyways, good luck to you and great interview FL!

    #2. I think your right. This will be the end to Zuffa. Especially with all the rumors of the UFC selling and Dana and his horrible analogies on the subject. This is their buyout before the shit truly hits the fan.

  • Scott White

    Great interview guys! Bergeron has one hell of a story.

  • Atom

    Does download mean “listen to on your computer while that window is open”? Because thats all I can get it to do.
    Would it be possible to add the interviews to iTUNES?

  • Donk

    What a guy, he never came across to well in some of his posts i read on sherdog and fightopinion, but hearing his calm voice here now, just slowly detailing the situation point by point, he seems completely down to earth and a great guy.

    The child molester part was hilarious, i wish Rich Bergeron all the best with this case. It’s great to see a good investigator doing some great reporting, just fighting for honesty and truth. It’s hard not to respect that.

  • Wu Tang


  • Accomando

    Rich, con cuidado, con cuidado.

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    Fantastic interview guys. I’m officially on Burgatron’s side. Seriously, if the truth prevails, and I hope it does, somebody can definitely make a movie out of this one day.

    Although, it was a little strange for the whole fightlinker image to have such a serious show suddenly. I mean, we go from constant burping and dick shit piss cock ass vagina to “HMM YES AND THE LEGAL THINGS WITH THE CEOS AND THE BUSINESS MERGER OF THE BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS AND COURT THINGS AND THAT LIKE…”

    It was kind of jarring. You need some kind of happy medium, where some blog posts or something are vaguely serious, otherwise this kind of really juicy, hard-hitting and essential stuff will be missed by the average reader / listener who thinks you are just pissfart/donkeypunch guys. Know what I mean?

  • kentyman


    Right-click and save the MP3. Then listen to it however you want.

  • Atom

    Thanks K-man

  • fightlinker

    Yeah most interviews will be a bit lighter, and probably next time we talk to Bergeron it’ll be more fluffy since we’ve already covered all the back story. Next few shows will have fighters and we really have some fun.

  • kentyman

    It’s pronounced “zoo-fah”, not “zuff-ah”, right?

  • Rich Bergeron

    Not sure on the pronunciation, but I do know it’s Italian for “to fight or scrap.”

  • bruceleesreincarnation

    Great Interview Fightlinker! I actually write articles for Rich’s website, unlimitedfightnews and have known about his situation for quite some time. But it’s very interesting to see how all the threads are being connected. This is huge and could have longstanding implications for the UFC and mma. I’m glad to see sites like fightlinker not afraid to talk about this stuff too. I’m a fan of the UFC myself and most of my articles for fightnewsunlimited is about the UFC so it’s wasn’t pleasant to hear all this stuff about Xyience. I too at first thought it may be some kind of conspiracy theory but when they filed the lawsuit, you see everything else that is going on, and hear Rich explain it in detail what the whole story is, most any reasonable person would have to realize there’s a whole lot of smoke here.

  • fightlinker

    Rich just talks funny. Actually, his accent reminds me of tim sylvia. I have to convince him to help me prank phone call some people

  • Rich Bergeron

    Funny how?

  • fightlinker

    It’s like the ‘Maine’ accent … i dunno what it’s called but there’s a bit of a drawl goin on. Although maybe i dunno what i’m talking aboot, aye?

  • Rich Bergeron
  • Rich Bergeron

    Here’s the real classic:

  • bruceleesreincarnation

    Rich says, “Funny, how? Funny like I amuse you?”

  • Rich Bergeron

    Funny like a clown?

  • #1 jackal

    wow rich. i listened to that court hearing. i am very familiar with the court system, and you do really good at representing yourself for not being a lawyer. It sounded like you were really pissing that judge off at the end.

  • Rich Bergeron

    I pissed off the judge because it was a confusing situation. Other people have agreed. The opposing lawyer is attempting to suggest that the recording I made of the hearing is illegal. I beg to differ, but that’s a matter for another day.
    If the judge is angry now, wait until he gets this:

    and the next motion…

    and hears me go for the gold at the hearing. “It’s all over!”

    This whole process victimized the judge and the courts, too. It’s a no-brainer.