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The Low Blow: Kwanzaa Super Spectacular!

It’s time for the first of what we hope will become an annual tradition: the Fightlinker Kwanzaa special! Basically that means we just drank a lot more than we normally do. We cover why Rio Heroes should not be considered MMA, Randy Couture’s recent Fedor comments, why Andrei Arlovski is lying about staying with the UFC, and even throw some Shamrock brothers talk into the mix.

Fighter salaries are discussed, we bring Ryan Gracie up for about 5 minutes, and then forge ahead into breakdowns of the WEC and HDnet’s Reckless abandon. All this, and our second attempt at a Country Breakfast parody! What more could you ask for this Kwanzaa?

1 hour and 15 minutes, perfect for the trip to your parent’s house. Download that shit here! And tomorrow by noon you’ll see it in the Talkshoe app to your right and in your iTunes. Enjoy!

  • stellar53

    You can start a new holiday……Steak and BJ day….

  • stellar53

    Words of wisdom from stellar…..

    I think if Frank and Ken fight, the loser should have to change his last name from Shamrock to Ortiz…..

  • kentyman
  • stellar53

    I knew I should have done some research on that….well there you go Ryan, you need to promote “steak and bj day”

  • Wu Tang

    Biblical porportions… Yeah, lucky you get 7 sick days, i get 6.. bastards…

  • kentyman

    “A guy like Frank Trigg doesn’t have a neck… hard to choke a guy like that.”

    ‘Cept for that rough 2 years in the UFC when Hughes and St. Pierre did it to him 3 times.

    Point definitely taken, but Trigg was an unfortunate example.

  • dulljake

    haha, so true. my bad

  • godzillad


    He was at 170 when they choked him.

  • kentyman

    Well aware, godzillad.

  • Mobb Deep

    Ha, the Kalib commercial was fuckin classic. Funny shit, funny shit.

  • Ason

    The Linker doesn’t know about Firefox + adblock?

  • kentyman
  • fightlinker

    We don’t block ads because it’s always good to know what’s going on with them