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The Low Blow Post UFC 78 show (recorded live and stuff)

Hello everyone and welcome to the hung over portion of our UFC 78 coverage. I was planning on putting up the recording of our live show as soon as I got home but I was drunk and lazy so I went to bed instead. That’ll teach you all to miss the live show and expect us to be consistent / professional with our content delivery.

But now without further ado, here is our post UFC 78 show! 90 minutes of ADHD-induced blather about UFC 78 and all things surrounding it. As always you can either download the show or stream it in our Talkshoe app to the right, or even check it out in iTunes (although that always seems to take a day or so to work … computers are HARD!).

Big props to everyone who took the time to listen live and I hope you’ll all remember to tune in next time now that you realize how totally radical we are post-event.

  • LR

    Here’s a fair assessment of Sean Salmon:

    Pat LaFontaine = Sean Salmon

  • Thomas

    Was that a hockey reference? Don’t you know that us ignorant yanks only watch real sports like poker and competitive eating.

  • Swedish Guy

    Great show as always, missed out on the live part because of obvious timezone issues, plus being drunk beyond reason, but catched up this morning on the way to work. Congrats on the 1000 posts!

  • Jonathan

    Hey — stupid fuckers…Armenia is NOT in Eastern Europe…it is south of Russia and north of Iran. That is not in Europe. I thought Canadians would know more about geography than that.

  • fightlinker

    Shit, it’s right below Georgia … GO FALCONS!

  • karat3

    Not nice to bash the ppl providing live streams, some of us cant get a legit stream.