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Low Blow reminder

Yeah we did another show yesterday. The talkshoe applet on the sidebar didn’t update earlier, but it’s all good in the hood now. So check this shit out! You can stream it and all that junk. I love technology.

  • SuperTightWonderWave

    Interesting discussion of your self pleasuring habits. Too bad about your socks. Did you do your own laundry growing up?

  • People Person

    Is there a way to contact you via email?

  • intenso

    of course you can use shampoo/soap on your beard

  • fightlinker

    my email is news at

  • fightlinker

    and shampooing a beard just seems strange to me :-p No, i didn’t do my own laundry … sucks to be my mom having to handle my jizz socks. I should bake her a cake as a thank you but she’d probably think it was full of semen too