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Luke Rockhold is getting the hang of self-promotion

Tomorrow night is Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine and I know what you’re thinking: What’s a Rockhold? But if Luke Rockhold keeps slinging soundbytes like he has over the past few days, people might start caring more about him. He’s thrown poop at Keith Jardine and here he is talking Brock Lesnar down:

“I think he was just playing a role. I saw right through him. His confidence looked very … it didn’t appear real. Did you see him singing the rap country? When he started rapping along to the country song I was like ‘ what the hell is this guy doing?’ I almost saw his lip quivering as he was walking into the cage. He just looked like he was playing a role. He was kind of believing his own hype that people were putting in his ear. I saw true confidence out of Overeem and a true fighter. Lesnar’s what I thought. All the media and all you guys had Lesnar taking it. The fighters had Overeem. I think he brought a whole new audience to the sport. So I can’t exactly say it’s a negative. People really need to see who the true fighters are. Lesnar’s not the best in the world. He just got the right matchups and the right fights.”

He also talked himself up for a UFC title shot against Anderson Silva, which is quite adorable:

“UFC-wise — anybody over there. I don’t care; I’d fight anybody in the top 10. They say Anderson Silva’s only got four fights left; I want to be one of those four fights. I want to get on that track. Whoever I’ve got to go through to get there, that’s what I want. I’m not saying I want him right away, but I want one of those four fights. It’s always been a dream to fight the best in the world; that’s what I live for. I hate second place. I hate being second best. I want to challenge myself against the best in the world, and right now, all the highest-rated guys are in the UFC.”

Yeah, let’s wait and make sure you can paste a Keith Jardine before we get that crazy, OK? But still, bravo to Luke Rockhold for pulling some press. I don’t know if it’s him starting to say things or the media starting to pay attention, but by the end of this whole event people may actually know who he is.

  • agentsmith

    Dude barely squeezed past Jacare, and he thinks he’s ready for Anderson?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I can’t believe he shit on Jardine’s shot – is this a standard credit from Strikeforce Community College or something?  Meisha, Luke: if you shit on your opponent’s worthiness for the title it makes you look like shit if you lose or don’t crush them; SEE: Silva, Anderson.


  • frickshun

    Seems like an average, boring dude…..

  • CAP

    ^so much so that I won’t bother watching. And that’s after smashing Jardine.