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Luke Thomas has another scoop!

Luke Thomas is reporting another scoop: Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler may be leaving Miletich Fighting Systems and opening their own gym in St Louis. Of course, the last time Luke donned his investigative reporter’s fedora, he ended up with some egg on his face. But considering Pat is apparently an evil man and his mats are infected with something out of a bad Robin Cook novel, this could definately be true. Plus, don’t forget Matt and Robbie have been super buddy buddy lately, with Matt letting Robbie touch his pistol.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: If Luke is wrong I will never ever believe anything else that fat stinky fibber ever says again. Forever. The End.

  • Billy Gamble

    Check out this link for info on the new gym

  • Luke

    I’m not reporting news: I’m reporting a rumor. There appears to be something to it, so I’m making it known in hopes of flushing out more info. As of right now, IT’S JUST A RUMOR.

  • fightlinker

    Luke is reporting that it’s 100% TRUE! I READ IT ON HIS BLOG!

  • Matt Hughes

    Contrary to what that hack Luke Thomas says, I am not opening a gym in St. Louis.

    It’s in Granite City, IL.

    Moron. Why does he report such garbage?

  • Stu

    Greg Savage said the same thing on the Savage Dog Show so it’s probably true.